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What does hockey mean to Canadians?

I should start by saying that I am not Canadian. I arrived in Canada in 2012 with a mind full of stereotypes: Canadians are all friendly, it’s going to be cold as hell, and everyone is going to play hockey. Having first landed in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a small Maritimes city, my experience was that […]

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SFU, Scotland, and me

There’s a plaque on the wall up in Saywell Hall. You probably walk past it every day, not giving it a second thought if you see it, possibly not even noticing it at all. But this plaque provided me a small chuckle the other day. Why? Because I was entering the classroom that houses SFU’s […]

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Bike ready to start.

When it comes to the economy, sharing is caring

Every time I swipe my debit card to buy something that I don’t necessarily need, but that I want, I can’t help but feel guilty. I feel worse when I realize that the four people standing behind me in line at the cashier desk are also guilty of the same behaviour. So, in 2017, let’s […]


Go fish at Burnaby’s new Poké Bar for your lunch

If you were to walk into Poké Bar, one of Cornerstone’s newest restaurants, and say that you’d never been there before, owners Steve Huynh and Camy Wong would make sure that you got a free sample of everything. “I want people to have the same experience that I do when I get poké back in […]

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Q&A with provincial NDP candidate and SFU alumna, Katrina Chen

British Columbia’s provincial election is fast approaching, and political parties are working hard to make their rounds and present their platforms. Among the nominees for the NDP is Katrina Chen, one of the few newcomers to B.C. politics in her party and an SFU alumna. As the potential representative for the area surrounding SFU, pertinent […]


SFU’s storied past with the film industry

Most of us have had the moment of surprise while watching a TV show or movie, where all of a sudden we see our university being used a backdrop. From The X-Files, to Most Valuable Primate, SFU has had some crazy run-ins with Vancouver’s film industry. Lights, Camera, Action? In its years, SFU has gained […]


An interview with Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe, queen of the basketball courts

“I actually haven’t graduated yet!” Those might sound like strange words to hear from a former student of SFU, but Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe has a pretty good reason for having not completed her university studies. Namely, she is a rising star in an exciting new era for Canadian women’s basketball. Raincock-Ekunwe arrived at SFU back in […]


SFU Pipe Band: a campus treasure wrapped in tartan

No SFU event would be complete without the presence of a piper. The SFU Pipe Band’s roots are deeply intertwined with the university, and their reputation is internationally renowned. But here at SFU, students sometimes are unaware that they are in the midst of true musical brilliance. A peek back in time As The Tartan […]

Christy Clark’s Report Card

It doesn’t seem too long ago that our very own Burnaby native, Christina Joan Clark (ofter referred to as ‘Christy’), took over the reigns of the BC Liberal Party and started her journey as premier of British Columbia. Not without some rocky starts, Christy has had many hurdles to jump over along the way. She […]

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