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A hard pill to swallow

A 2013 survey conducted by the Canadian Organization of University and College Health found that 90% of students feel overwhelmed by their schedules, and 50% of students reported feeling “hopeless.” All of us experience enormous amounts of stress during our education — be it academic, financial, or other — and when it comes down to […]


Talk the Talks: Multilingualism at SFU

SFU is located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada, a mixing bowl of languages and cultures, a place populated with people from across the globe; yet it is still limited by an English-dominant mentality. Obviously foreign students come to Vancouver to live and study, but why is it that SFU has […]


Your guide to an awesome 2017

If there is any reason to be excited about 2017, it’s that 2016 is finally over. Now that it’s all said and done, 2016 was a pretty messed up year for all of us. But with the new year comes some super rad things to get hyped about. So, if you’re still riding the depressing […]


Eleven of the most fucked things from 2016

Welcome to the darkest timeline, friends. With just over a month left in 2016, we move into that time of year when everyone looks back with nostalgia on the last 12 months. However, it seems for this year, when reflecting on the events of 2016, one shared thought comes to mind: what the fuck was […]


Tanks farms, pipelines, and the safety of the SFU community

Hidden in plain sight Upon starting your post-secondary studies at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus, you might not notice at first that it is located above a tank farm. It is tucked away just below the Gaglardi Way and Hastings Street exits, where 13 barrels hold approximately 1.685 million barrels of crude oil and other […]


Living abroad, studying abroad, thinking broadly

“Setting foot on campus is like entering into a different world,” were the words my roommate translated from Arabic over coffee. And in the midst of my first semester abroad, those words could not have rung more true. From the moment I arrived in Morocco, I felt my experience was atypical. After all, I am […]


The secret life of a sessional instructor

Sessional instructors, also known as adjunct faculty, are every university’s secret. We know they exist, but we don’t know too much about them, what they do, or why job security in academia is such a large issue. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that a significant portion of your courses at SFU might have […]


First-year expectations versus reality

Do you remember the first time you realized university wasn’t going to be everything you thought it was? Because I don’t think I do. For me, it was a thousand little things over the course of first year that slowly made me come to the conclusion that TV shows about college got it all wrong. […]


$5 a Day Challenge: Starving for sustainable solutions

This is the final post in a week-long web series that documents Kevin Rey’s experiences living off of $5 worth of food a day. When my editor and I were talking about this challenge in the planning phases, she said that I should feel free to bail out if I started to become really malnourished. […]

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