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The Gay Agenda: LEAKED!

  Sunday Need a way to get out of those family dinners? You know, the ones where you have to tell your family that you’re still single and even when I do find someone, it won’t be a boyfriend Aunt Marge, damnit. Come to our weekly pub crawl instead! Email Adam, Eve, or Steve for […]

Mystic Man 30 vs Lord Villian 2


Max: This guy clearly stole that dog. Look how scared it looks. Nick: This dog is more qualified than 99% of the candidates running. Courtney: Would 100% vote for the doggo. Matthew: I heard that this isn’t even his dog. PHONY. Elena: DON’T 👏 POST 👏 A 👏 DOG 👏 PHOTO👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 DON’T […]


SFU student has completely wrong March Madness Bracket

March Madness is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, attracting huge viewership numbers and getting millions of people to fill out brackets on how the tournament will play out. However, one bracket has stood above the rest — not because of how correct it is, but because of how absolutely shit it’s […]


Kanye’s Cabinet : President Yeezy’s picks

Washington, DC (Feb. 2020) — It has been less than 100 days of the Yeezy presidency and there has been no shortage of criticism for the Rapper-in-Chief. From organizing the most elaborate inauguration with a hanging stage in front of Capitol Hill, to completely redesigning White House staff uniforms to look like Yeezy season seven, […]

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Restaurants ranked by their free water

White Spot The water here has a certain “nice enough for a somewhat fancy dinner, but you’d be disappointed if you had your wedding anniversary here” flavour to it. Stick to their pop. 6.5/10 McDonald’s Thrown together hastily in a paper cup, the water had no distinct flavour or texture — it just tasted like […]

Mystic Man 29 The Hot Bond of Justice by Reuben Newton
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