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SFU Confessions brings us together in anonymity

“Here’s a confession for you: I definitely follow the SFU Confessions page more closely than I follow the UBC one. Ours is kinda lame.” These are the words of a friend who goes to UBC and also follows the SFU Confessions page religiously. If you’re not aware of what it is, SFU Confessions is a […]

Carolyn Yip_Week 6 Voluntourism

Voluntourism is just soft colonialism

Voluntourism — a portmanteau of “tourism” and “volunteering” — is a rising phenomenon. Volunteers from abroad work a few hours a day building schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. In their free time, they tour and partake in cultural activities. Interest in voluntourism has grown tremendously over time; organizations specifically target middle- and high-schoolers. But is voluntourism […]


Government regulations are great, because some people are awful

This is in response to the previously published article “Canada, stop nannying your people.”   The world is in a rocky place right now. We have a bloody war being fought in the Middle East, rapidly spreading viral outbreaks, and a cartoonishly expensive housing market. No, I’m not even going to touch what’s happening in […]


McDonald’s lovin’ nuts is a big mistake

When I was four years old, I bit into half of a cashew and had to be immediately rushed to the hospital. For those like me with anaphylactic allergies, coming into contact with an allergen is a serious matter. In about 20 minutes, I can go into complete cardiac arrest without proper help. McDonald’s is […]


The flaws in the sexual misconduct draft policy

I don’t think anyone can argue that SFU forming a Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education, and Support Policy is a bad thing. However, the draft that recently went public undoubtedly needs work. While the town hall consultations have raised a lot more questions than answers, the solutions are a lot simpler than you might […]


Taxis need to stop suing and stop sucking

If there’s one big threat to a status quo, it’s the rise of competition that you can’t just sweep under the rug. When people see the holes in the way things are being run, it’s pretty much a given that somebody’s going to come out of the woodwork to try and take you down. Prime […]


Keeping my screens and gadgets out of my bed

I love my phone, that cracked screen beckoning to me with its little blinking LED. I used to be on my phone so much around my friends that they decided it needed a name: Winston. Social media, news, and YouTube all had a big space in my day — big enough that I was definitely […]


The problem with boys who only kiss boys to get laughs

The Golden Globes clip I played on repeat was Meryl Streep’s lethal political takedown; the one I avoided was the infamous kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds. Bless the fangirls and their rekindled hopes for a Spiderman/Deadpool rom-com, but personally, I cringed, remembering my first time at a bar.   I’d just graduated and […]


I know my rights, and I’ll never take off my hijab

To the bully who targeted me for my hijab: you must’ve been so happy to make me afraid like never before. You took my innocence, and my excitement at enrolling in university. It was a struggle to gather myself and get back to who I am: a strong, fearless woman. “Go back to where you […]

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