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Letter to the Editor: Women in Computing Science

This is in response to “Gender disparities in engineering and computing science at SFU and its effects on female students“, March 13, 2017 To the Editor:   As the Women in Computing Science (WiCS) group at SFU, we do face the issues presented in the recently published feature article. However, when we spoke about these difficulties, […]


“White” and “terrorism” are not mutually exclusive

Two weeks ago, James Harris Jackson, a 28-year-old US veteran and member of a white supremacy group, commuted to New York City to “make a statement,” according to the New York Police Department. Frustrated with the rising influx of interracial relationships in America, particularly those between African-American men and Caucasian women, Jackson planned to stalk […]


Constructing a weird war between majors isn’t constructive

It’s the eternal debate that continues to pop up every so often between SFU students: which is the superior degree? It’s not usually brought to the table in exactly that form. It’s more like rude comments about how stating the difficulty of writing excellent essays and keeping up with heavy reading for non-science courses is […]


Please vote in BC’s elections, even if you hate everyone

As someone who had to be strong-armed into registering to vote in BC’S provincial general election this year by a coworker, maybe I’m not the best person to tell you to follow in our footsteps and be all active in your riding and whatever. But if you’re like me and you normally have too much […]

Letter to the Editor: SFSS elections and referenda questions

March 24, 2017 Dear Editor, The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Spring 2017 election voting is taking place this week and I must emphasize the importance of all students’ participation. You all can vote for SFSS’ 16 Board of Director representatives for the 2017-18 term. They will hold the responsibility of overseeing SFSS activities, as […]

SFSS strip-Recovered copy

The SFSS 2017 candidate endorsements

Editor’s Note: Candidate endorsements for elections are a norm both in student journalism and in the professional world: in the 2016 elections for the US president, at least 100 known American publications put their thoughts out there. Though this year’s IEC has asked student groups at SFU to refrain from endorsing candidates, The Peak is […]


Four things you should avoid doing when dining out

Everyone needs food to survive. What you don’t need is to spend $30-plus on some small-portion piece of sustenance while being waited on hand and foot — this is a privilege, not a right. Yet, I find so many people who’ve always got something to criticize about their restaurant experience, despite having little insight on […]


Don’t blubber over the whale ban

The Vancouver Aquarium provides you with the opportunity to discover nifty creatures from all over the globe that you’d normally never see from the dry land of Stanley Park. You can find everything from lion fish to colourful parrots to monkeys. But soon, there won’t be any reason to go there looking for whales. Recently, […]

SFU sust unveil

“SFU sustainability” is less about students and more about image

It’s easy to critique someone’s efforts than to actually try to do better. Regardless, I’m going to critique SFU’s recently-launched 20-year Sustainability Vision. As a campus resident, my observations within the past three years have me raising my eyebrows about the sustainability “engagement” that SFU prides itself on. SFU’s visions and goals always end at […]

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