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Four things you should avoid doing when dining out

Everyone needs food to survive. What you don’t need is to spend $30-plus on some small-portion piece of sustenance while being waited on hand and foot — this is a privilege, not a right. Yet, I find so many people who’ve always got something to criticize about their restaurant experience, despite having little insight on […]


Don’t blubber over the whale ban

The Vancouver Aquarium provides you with the opportunity to discover nifty creatures from all over the globe that you’d normally never see from the dry land of Stanley Park. You can find everything from lion fish to colourful parrots to monkeys. But soon, there won’t be any reason to go there looking for whales. Recently, […]

SFU sust unveil

“SFU sustainability” is less about students and more about image

It’s easy to critique someone’s efforts than to actually try to do better. Regardless, I’m going to critique SFU’s recently-launched 20-year Sustainability Vision. As a campus resident, my observations within the past three years have me raising my eyebrows about the sustainability “engagement” that SFU prides itself on. SFU’s visions and goals always end at […]

New Logo Design_Carolyn Yip

Time-saving, life-saving hacks for us SFU slackers

Taking classes at SFU means facing many struggles, such as moving from class to class in a 10-minute span, finding the most apt meal to satiate yourself, and for my fellow Burnaby students, catching the 145 or the 95 without having to wait in line. University kids, you can’t disagree, are always trying to cash […]


Police shouldn’t be a part of pride

Since the 1970s — or the 1980s, depending on who you ask — Vancouver has held its annual Pride parade in the community surrounding Davie Street, a neighbourhood so proudly queer that it’s affectionately referred to as Vancouver’s ‘gaybourhood.’ The event is meant to signify the ongoing fight for rights and visibility for members of […]

Iqra Khalid

M103 opposes hate speech, not free speech

With shocking recent events in the United States, it’s easy to overlook what’s going on in Canada. Despite our condemnation of the travel ban, we aren’t much better when it comes to the treatment of Muslims, and reactions garnished by a new motion prove this.   The M103 motion, tabled by Liberal Member of Parliament […]

Adulting_Carolyn Yip

Don’t use age as an excuse to dismiss me

Last week, I was sitting in a French class outside of school. I was by far the youngest in the seven-person group: I stood out from the Yaletown yuppies and the third-agers. We were discussing something about having a better world whilst trying to improve our French-speaking skills.   Everyone was being very negative (a […]


Dog meat: a matter of cultural dissonance, not cruelty

Dog videos make their way around Facebook faster than you can say ‘inspiration porn.’ One more serious story I’ve seen recently is the tale of dogs rescued from Korean meat farms and repatriated west for adoption.  Even as a ridiculously overbearing dog-owner, a longtime vegetarian, and a total nut about the animal trade, I consider […]


SFU Confessions brings us together in anonymity

“Here’s a confession for you: I definitely follow the SFU Confessions page more closely than I follow the UBC one. Ours is kinda lame.” These are the words of a friend who goes to UBC and also follows the SFU Confessions page religiously. If you’re not aware of what it is, SFU Confessions is a […]

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