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Early holiday celebrations kill my vibe

I believe you when you say you love Christmas. You love the lights on the trees, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and Starbucks starting to smell like eggnog. Even as the temperatures drop, you feel warmer on the inside knowing that another year is ending. December becomes a stress-buster when you […]


Why I love being in a sorority

I am a sorority girl. I bet when most people read that sentence, they think I go out and party a lot, or that I spend all my time making girls’ lives miserable to pressure them into being a part of my organization. This is how movies depict sorority life, and they couldn’t be more […]


Making a Murderer evens the score on a rigged justice system

In 2007, Brendan Dassey was sentenced to life in prison. His case garnered renewed public attention a decade later, due to the Netflix series Making a Murderer. State investigators interrogated the then-minor without a lawyer present, and falsely offered him leniency for a confession. The misconduct revealed by the show led a US magistrate to […]


Learn what the words you use mean

I remember that it was an early Saturday morning, but not what set the conversation off. I probably made a silly joke at somebody’s expense. One girl turned to me and told me that what I said triggered her. I was incredibly alarmed and apologetic for a few seconds, until I realized that she wasn’t, […]


Canadian conservatism shouldn’t be scary

Right-wing political movements are gaining momentum worldwide, with the public expressing their opinions on the most recent political phenomena, such as Brexit, or the new, very Republican government in America. We’re due to see how this plays out in Canada, and to pray that the sort of insidious hateful thought seen in these movements doesn’t […]


Canada doesn’t need nickels anymore

After the eradication of the penny began in 2012, Canadians naturally speculated about the potential removal of the nickel. Some organizations, such as the credit union Desjardins, argue that the nickel should be eradicated in the next five years. The change would logically entail the adaptation of other coins, such as the quarter, to stop […]


Why going braless is flawless

I hate bras. I have never been the type to buy cute, lacy, sexy, appliqué-smothered boob prisons. All my bras are black, plain, and push-up, because up until this point, society has told me that I need big, perky breasts to be attractive. I am unfortunately a member of the itty-bitty titty committee, and have […]


Give male birth control a shot

Acne unapologetically blooms across your skin. Your mood shifts rapidly and unpredictably. Your libido is up or down like a rollercoaster, and whether you realize it or not, you might be sinking fast into depression. If you read this and thought, “How terrible and unreal,” because you’ve never experienced any of this yourself, then I’m […]


Movember is still a viable movement

As we draw closer to Movember, get ready to hear from many that because moustaches no longer equal a mandatory accumulation in research funds, there’s no point to growing them.   Despite this claim neglecting the fact that Movember has raised over $446 million since 2003, this month is about more than sponsorships for facial […]

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