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One day, same-sex parenting won’t be a big deal

It’s amazing what a photo can do once it has gone viral. Though the above photo of two dads cradling their newborn son, Milo (via surrogacy) was taken in 2014, it has since resurfaced with a deceptive story. According to CBC, one of the fathers, BJ Barone, learned through a cousin in Italy that the […]


Trigger warnings are not an excuse to censor free speech

Inormally write for The Peak’s humour section, so something really has to bug me to put me in the den of seriousness. Lately that thing has been the overly-politically correct (PC) culture developing on college campuses. Now, before I start raving on the topic, I’ll say that I consider myself a very progressive, left-leaning individual. […]

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Why doesn’t mainstream feminism embrace coloured women?

Today’s feminist problem is that mainstream feminism often attempts to speak on behalf of the struggles of women of colour, while silencing them in the process. A striking example was Patricia Arquette’s “feminist” Oscar speech in 2015, where she proclaimed that it’s time for “all the women in America,” “all the men who love women,” […]

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Dangling modifiers are more important than the US election

Dangling modifiers are more important than the US election, because I can change dangling modifiers. Modifiers are clauses that precede a sentence. They define the subject in the sentence that is to come. A modifier is dangling when it modifies a subject that it isn’t intended to. Here’s an example: “Being so fit, the 50 […]


‘Sexy’ restaurant dress codes violate human rights

Working as a restaurant server is a hard job. You are constantly on your feet, you have to deal with rude customers, and all while maintaining a smile. And if you’re a woman, this job can be made more difficult if the dress code demands you to dress in a sexualized manner. Many female servers […]

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Embrace SFU’s commuter culture

Picture your Monday morning. You drag yourself out of bed, question whether you really need this university degree (as per routine), and grudgingly prepare for your day. If you’re like most SFU students, you rush out your door to catch the bus or SkyTrain for your morning commute. And, more often than not, you run […]


The SkyTrain redemption

Lost in the wallows of two bombed midterms, I nearly miss the voice of a forty something Fijian-Canadian man beside me as he sparks a conversation on the Expo line.  “It’s so weird,” he says in what begins as a muffled whisper. Worlds away, I look up from my phone, still orbiting the sphere of […]

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A call for inclusive climate action

We’ve all seen the ads — the polar bears precariously balancing on blocks of ice for a Coca Cola commercial, the devastated ecosystems captured by Discovery Channel documentaries. However, what we don’t see is input from indigenous peoples on the serious issue of climate change, despite being those who inhabited the land on which we […]


Yes, TransLink should add signage for invisible illnesses

In Adam Van der Zwan’s recent article published in the Feb. 29 issue of The Peak, “TransLink Shouldn’t Add Signage for Invisible Illnesses,” he states that we can only “properly accommodate those with physical disabilities, rather than invisible ones.” This opening assertion sets the tone for a misinformed and problematic commentary on the roles that […]

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