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Why Canada should update its archaic drug laws

The Supreme Court of Canada recently invalidated sections 4 and 5 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in a unanimous decision, effectively legalizing non-conventional forms of marijuana for medicinal use. This means that those who are licensed to use medical marijuana will no longer be restricted to just smoking it. They will have the […]

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My body positivity story

Body positivity is something that I take personally. As a woman who doesn’t fit perfect societal body standards, I needed time to accept my figure. I could look in a mirror and pick apart my body from head to toe, criticizing it for not being a flawless representation of what mainstream media uses to define […]

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Tim Hunt deserves better

So you’ve completed years of schooling, spent years of your life practicing your speciality, trained and supported pupils, helped advance global understanding in academia, won a Nobel Prize for your work, and then you make a few comments on gender and have your career and credibility destroyed. Sound fair? I don’t think so, either. Dr. […]

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Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Atlantic Lobster Sinking my teeth into this baby feels like I’ve captured heaven right on my plate. From the shores of the Atlantic, my little Nova Scotian friend is a companion to not only my stomach, but to my mind and soul. The decadent, sweet meat, fresh from the boiling pot, now drips with […]

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“Hate” is just a word for those who disagree with you

Growing up during the turn of one century and the beginning of another, it’s been pretty amazing to see how we’ve progressed in the fight for equal rights. I was a 10-year-old when same-sex marriage became legal, and in social studies class we learned about the plight and freedom of slaves in America, which impacted […]

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It’s so easy to forget

I’m going to take a moment to be a hypocrite and try to tell you how to do something that I’m really bad at: recalling names, facts, details, and other important stuff necessary to having your life together. I once had a teacher who on the first day of class would look each of her […]

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Children need more than an app to learn about sex

A new app called “Clementine Wants to Know” is being marketed towards parents as an aid to help teach their children about sex. At first, this seems like a great idea. The sooner kids know about sex the sooner the stigma surrounding open conversations about sex will be over. Win-win for everyone, right? I don’t […]

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The importance of self-care

As I have a few more days off than I normally would this summer, I’ve been trying to keep every week busy. On one hand, it has been great to reconnect with friends and volunteer, but on the other, it has also been easy to overcommit myself and end up feeling emotionally and physically exhausted […]

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