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WEB-Exit Exams-Lisa Dimyadi

Universities should offer voluntary exit exams

These days, it’s common to hear employers complain about the lack of skills that recent undergraduates have. They rant and rave that university students aren’t prepared for the real world, and some, like Harvey Weingarten, as reported by The Star, claim that universities should offer voluntary entrance and exit examinations in order to measure students’ […]

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Boohoo, Woohoo

Boohoo: Pizza Pockets After years of genetically modifying calzones in a mildew-covered basement, a hideous monster is born: the Pizza Pocket. Pizza Pockets are essentially highly noxious cheese farts wrapped up like fat little gremlins in a swaddle of greasy dough. Whenever I eat them, I feel like a baby bird cawing away, eager for […]


We make assumptions, and they destroy us

In the world of text messaging, we complain about the amount of times meaning gets lost in translation — the amount of times our “K” texts are perceived as anger, or when and when not to punctuate our sentences. Our circumstances of miscommunication are blamed on the short forms we send across text. Yet, unfortunately, […]

WEB-Starbucks-Lisa Dimyadi

Why I’m done with Starbucks

Starbucks, why you gotta play me like this? I thought we had something special. Now you’re throwing away what we had and are replacing it with something awful. The general principles of your Rewards system remain the same — register a Starbucks card, spend money, get stars in return, and use stars to redeem free […]


COLUMN | TIM’S BIT: Age simply doesn’t matter

Tim’s Bit: Tirades on our stupidest things. . . is a new web-exclusive column featuring Tim Mottishaw’s comedic tirades on some of our humanity’s dumbest problems, with regards to culture, society and politics. Read more Tim’s Bit here!   My birthday was a couple weeks ago; a day that often makes me being a bit pensive. […]


Canada should not change the voting age

In a recent Peak article titled “5 reasons why we should lower Canada’s voting age,” while Ms. Tamara Connor was correct to state that there isn’t a magic age of preparedness for voting, this isn’t a proper reason to lower the voting age, but rather more a reason to increase voter education, so young people […]

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