Students should be allowed preferred names on SFU ID cards

Whenever someone pronounces my surname wrong, I smile, correct them, and jokinglyexplain how vowels hadn’t yet been invented when my ancestors came to the Western world. But despite the jokes I make in regards to my name, I fully understand how significant titles such as names are to our own identities. Just recently, Lucas Crawford, […]


How learning to cook has improved my well-being

Most people can’t pinpoint the exact moment that they became an adult, but I can. I remember it like it was yesterday — the crackle of sizzling flesh, the smoke billowing calmly towards my open window, the smell of a well-cooked bird wafting throughout my studio apartment. What began as a soggy, shrink-wrapped sack of […]


Apple’s new watch gets a little too personal

It’s easy to be disappointed by the announcement of Apple’s latest ‘game-changer.’ The Apple Watch, slated to be released in early 2015, has been described by Tim Cook as “the next chapter in Apple’s story,” but consumers are hesitant. Apple’s previous successes — iPhone and iPad — both introduced entirely new product categories, and revolutionized […]


Living with acid reflux

Each time I ingest food, I am plagued afterward by a burning sensation, as if a fiery creature has burst through my stomach, clawed up my esophagus, and into my throat. I wince in pain and massage my chest as bile enters my mouth. I have what is called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), a chronic […]


To read, or not to read

How do the words of a dead man affect you? In Shakespeare’s case, the ways could be countless. This year marked the Bard’s 450th birthday, and consequently raised the following question: are his works still relevant today?  The answer is simple — yes. Shakespeare’s literature is every bit as relevant to our modern society as […]


Main Street Massacre is a work of art

A recent online video game entitled “Main Street Massacre” has sparked a furious commotion from Vancouver’s public transit system, Translink, over the last couple of weeks. The violent game, which depicts an angry construction worker as he guns down pedestrians at a station labelled Main Street, has had Translink’s lawyers on the prowl, and the […]


Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Travelling to university We’re on the road again! Those of you who live away from university or work full-time during the summer, will either enjoy heading back to school for the year, or you’ll dislike it. Personally, I love it. There’s nothing like finishing off a summer’s worth of blabbing my face off at […]

Club day- Bai Yin

Community involvement at SFU is invaluable

Congratulations on making it in, or making it back to SFU! As an SFU student, you have amazing extra-curricular options available to you, and your time here will be greatly improved if you capitalize on the many opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom.  In the short term, extra-curricular involvement at SFU will benefit […]

CMYK-Frat LOGO-Romer Jed Medina-Flickr

Point / Counterpoint

No, it doesn’t! Katrina Trask Pranks, panty raids, hazing, and parties are the first images that come to mind when one mentions Greek life at a university. These images have been around since fraternities and sororities were introduced in 1824. And while Greek life at Vancouver institutions, such as UBC, dates back to 1921, the […]

Christy Clark

It’s time to stand with Israel

Toward the end of the summer, newsfeeds throughout the world were dominated by yet another conflict in Israel, as the terrorist group Hamas began indiscriminately firing rockets at Israeli cities. Despite multiple attempted cease-fires, the conflict continues, and there does not appear to be an end in sight. Incredibly, this overseas conflict, in a country […]


Mistreated Native women: the government must take action

As Canadians become increasingly aware of the disproportionate amount of violence that Aboriginal women and girls across the country face, support for a federal inquiry into the issue has gained momentum. However, the federal government’s inaction serves as a reminder that Aboriginal women continue to face various race-related hurdles when it comes to receiving both […]

Re: “No, #NotAllMen”

With respect to the intentions of the writer, the opinion piece “No, #NotAllMen” is a great example of a frustrating phenomenon for women* who speak out as feminists: the push from men for feminists to tailor their outrage to innocent men, framing it as advice on how to be effective feminists. Perhaps some aren’t aware […]

Life of Brian - culturamas

Looking on the bright side

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Before you discount this article as some mumbo jumbo about new age meditation, let me explain. You may have heard that if you just think positively, you will achieve your goals or get what you want. I don’t exactly believe that, but I think that keeping a […]

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