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Point / Counterpoint

No, it doesn’t! Katrina Trask Pranks, panty raids, hazing, and parties are the first images that come to mind when one mentions Greek life at a university. These images have been around since fraternities and sororities were introduced in 1824. And while Greek life at Vancouver institutions, such as UBC, dates back to 1921, the […]

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It’s time to stand with Israel

Toward the end of the summer, newsfeeds throughout the world were dominated by yet another conflict in Israel, as the terrorist group Hamas began indiscriminately firing rockets at Israeli cities. Despite multiple attempted cease-fires, the conflict continues, and there does not appear to be an end in sight. Incredibly, this overseas conflict, in a country […]


Mistreated Native women: the government must take action

As Canadians become increasingly aware of the disproportionate amount of violence that Aboriginal women and girls across the country face, support for a federal inquiry into the issue has gained momentum. However, the federal government’s inaction serves as a reminder that Aboriginal women continue to face various race-related hurdles when it comes to receiving both […]

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How to open your banana

From the bottom is best By Max Hill Today, I’m going to change your life. Yes, you, reading this article on the bus, in a lecture hall, waiting for your food to arrive in the Highland Pub. You know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve been doing something one way your whole life, […]

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Point/counterpoint: the Northern Gateway pipeline

Let’s build the pipeline. Dustin Simmonds As much as opponents do not want this pipeline built, the alternatives are potentially much more devastating. While I will be the first to admit that pipelines are not safe due to the potential for spills, they currently remain the safest way to transport a material that is only […]


DNA in video games: no thanks!

The hoopla surrounding our lack of privacy in the digital age is about to reach an all-time high. While the Internet has increasingly provided authorities with ways to rob us of our privacy, mainly in the form of online spying, soon there may be a way to steal information on our genetic make-up. An article […]

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We got Desjardins!

After many weeks of speculation, Willie Desjardins has been hired as the Canucks’ new head coach; many had pegged him as the next coach after John Tortorella was fired in May. For a brief time, it looked like the Pittsburgh Penguins had scooped him from right under us, with TSN analyst Darren Dreger reporting that […]


Bull$#!+: Unspecific SFU diplomas and reality TV

Unspecific SFU diplomas David Ly The end is near. After four years and 37 courses, convocation is just around the corner. Finally, I’ll get to walk the stage in recognition for the immense debt I put myself in. I’ll shake Petter’s hand, receive my diploma, and maybe even shed a tear looking at it. A […]

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Potential benefits of Middle Eastern radical groups

In recent weeks, the media firestorm surrounding the rise of the radical jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has been intense. No surprise. The story of ISIS’ rise has all the right elements to make for sexy headlines to feed the insatiable 24-hour news circuit: an elusive mastermind, an abhorrent ideology, […]

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Accepting my introversion

One of the principal differences between introverts and extroverts lies in where they draw their energy from. Extroverts are energized by external sources making them, on the whole, social beings — but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are outgoing.  Meanwhile, more introverted people, while they can be social, are recharged from within; I find myself […]


It’s about time Archie had a disabled character

Originating in 1939, Archie comics have been beloved by children and people of all ages for decades. Featuring beloved characters such as Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie, the comic series has been a presence for generations, though less so now due to the popularity of the Internet and decline in comic book readership. These […]


Three draft picks the Canucks should choose

If there is one thing that can come out of last season’s dismal performance, it’s that the Canucks get the sixth overall pick at this year’s draft, and therefore a good chance to get a key piece for the future. It should be noted that any pick is a gamble and the further teams get […]

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The prostitution bill: the right step

Late last year, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down key provisions of this country’s anti-prostitution laws, ruling that these provisions violate constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, and security of person. It has taken the past six months for the federal government to introduce new legislation. Bill C-36, known as the Protection of Communities and […]

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