Art and science are not mutually exclusive

I have always thought that there is more crossover than we might assume between art and science, and that interesting things happen when the two fields collaborate on a project. A couple of recent arts events have led me to revisit the idea that art and science aren’t mutually exclusive. I think that we all […]


Future climate sustainability must begin with education

Because climate change is a fairly recent issue, it has been difficult to arouse the public’s interest enough to reverse the trend. During my high school years in Hong Kong, students would occassionally be exposed to discussions on this issue. An article from Rabble suggests that “education about climate change must become front and center […]

Extensive media coverage has left Westerners in a state of paranoia.

Why Canadians need to stop freaking out over the Ebola outbreak

The rapid spread of the Ebola virus has undoubtedly become one of the worst epidemics in recent history, claiming the lives of thousands in West Africa. Ironically though, as victims fall prey to the outbreak thousands of kilometres from our borders, Westerners over here in ‘prosperity-land’ are left shaking in their boots. After all, it […]


Crunching the numbers on the worth of university

Almost every undergraduate, at one point, asks the following question: is university worth it? I myself have spent more than a few hours over the last several years pondering this. But what does it mean for something to be worth it? Monetary return? Experiential value? Or is it merely another check we all feel must […]

Using fruit to teach students about safe sex is simply unrealistic.

Public schools must modernize their sexual education practices

We live in a highly sexualized world, so it’s ironic that most high school sexual education classes still use random objects and ‘old timey’ public service announcements to teach their students about sex. Sexual education in public schools must be more straightforward so that we can properly inform students of what sex entails. This would […]

Without permanent housing and a basic standard of living for subsistence, policies are simply maintaining the status quo.

Homelessness does not have a quick fix solution

Last week, a BC Supreme Court judge granted the City of Vancouver an injunction to evict all people living in the recently erected tent city at Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside. This legal battle is a decent indicator of everything that it is wrong with how our society advocates for the rights of the […]

Canada is becoming increasingly intolerant to the two-thirds of the population that claim Christianity as their religion.

Anti-christian bigotry is misguided

Trinity Western University is once again in the news, and for once, they’re not under attack. A graduate from the university was recently denied a job on the basis of her faith. While the organization, Amaruk Wilderness Corp., claims that the student’s application was denied because she failed to meet the minimum requirements for the […]


Ditch the treadmill and bike to work

Most doctors recommend that people engage in aerobic exercise for 30 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week, in order to maintain a sufficient level of overall health. For many people, this means cramming a run or a visit to the gym into your busy schedule, but as it turns out, this may […]

Many customers feel entitled and inherently deserving of impeccable service.

Restaurants should incorporate a no-tip policy

Our society accepts the restaurant industry’s hyper-sexualized, customer-driven culture as normal. Many customers feel highly entitled and inherently deserving of impeccable service, regardless of their behaviour toward restaurant staff catering to their every whim. Unfortunately, this entitlement often turns into verbal and sexual harassment. According to a report from the New York Observer regarding sexual […]

Northwest Florida site of weapons system evaluation
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