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Reflecting on mental illness

My name is Alison. I’m 21 years old, and I’m just about to finish my undergrad degree. I know it seems silly to introduce myself with my name and photo right there in the byline, but I think it’s important that you know a little about me. I’m a pretty average young adult. I have […]

No one can doubt the existence of the Higgs Boson particle.

Art disciplines should incorporate more intelligent opinions

The physical sciences and the arts and social sciences are often dichotomized as fundamentally distinct branches of study with inherently different methods of inquiry. The physical sciences are in the domain of empiricism and objectivity, whilst the arts and social sciences are derived from experience and subjectivity. Though not entirely unfounded, this demarcation has done […]

‘Mansplaining’ is borne from an individual’s sense of invincibility; that belief that “that wouldn’t happen to me.”

Why men objectify women

I’ve written before about the educational gap that exists between clueless-yet-prospective male feminists and established female feminists, which is why the now viral video posted by Hollaback (in which a woman, while walking New York’s streets for 10 hours, is verbally harassed by male bystanders over 100 times) is so revelatory. I cannot speak to […]

Point left

In defence of ‘social justice warriors’

The past few months have been eventful. A prominent Canadian radio personality has been publicly condemned for sexual abuse and violence; a group of female celebrities’ personal photos was leaked and quickly spread across the web; a vaguely formalized community rallied against the changing tide of video game culture under the guise of an ethical […]


A child’s healthy diet is a parent’s inherent responsibility

Author Karen Le Billon believes in “taste training” — that we should condition children to enjoy healthy foods, rather than those loaded with sugar and fat. She elaborates on this concept in a book entitled Getting to Yum: 7 Secrets For Raising Eager Eaters, where she also examines the impact of junk food advertisements on […]

UBC ignores the current students 
who deserve to be prioritized.

Universities must prioritize their budgets for existing students

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that UBC will increase tuition fees by 20 per cent. Rather, UBC will increase housing fees by 20 per cent. This factual error has now been corrected. Facts are taken from a recent CBC report. Last week, I stumbled upon an article that discussed UBC’s plans to […]

CMYK-national park graffiti-Eleanor Qu

The hypocrisy in condemning a national park graffiti artist

Last month, graffiti artist Casey Nocket was caught by federal officials after painting on rocks in several national parks across the United States. Although popular opinion and the law suggest that Nocket is an awful person for having destroyed the natural beauty of these sacred national parks, I say that these parks are anything but […]


Modern medicine isn’t always the answer

While modern medicine is effective in treating many serious illnesses, I feel that traditional, native medicine can often be as powerful, and should be taken into account when looking for ways to cure these illnesses. Modern antibiotics are usually seen as having a quicker effect, but traditional medicine aims to restore the long-term balance of […]


Be courageous, be kind

So, this is it — this is where I bid you all a fond farewell. I’ve decided not to reapply for my position as The Peak’s copy editor and this, my inspirational, insightful editor’s voice, is me saying goodbye. I’ve been pondering what I want to write about, what I want to leave with you […]

On the surface, it is almost intuitive that the more morally reprehensible an act, the harsher the punishment.

Sex offenders should be nurtured back into society

Sexual crimes are heinous, of that there’s no doubt. Not many things can threaten one’s personal sense of security and safety more than being sexually assaulted. Nevertheless, the hitherto approach of incarcerating offenders and blacklisting them upon release ought to be overhauled in favour of an approach which focuses on rehabilitating and reintroducing offenders into […]

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