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Patients need to come first

Doctors are not slaves — they have rights, freedoms, and opinions just like anyone else. But they don’t have the right to deny care to patients in need. It is simply not the responsibility of the doctor to decide what is and is not an ‘urgent’ and necessary treatment. Last month at a walk-in clinic […]

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Choose life, not your cell phone

Would you risk your life for your cell phone? I wouldn’t, but there are those who would. American media website CNET reported July 20 that a woman from Houston, Texas had a mugger threaten to shoot her on the street if she did not surrender her cell phone. When the woman refused she then crouched […]

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Bill C-36 does nothing for sex worker rights

The federal government has recently taken steps to introduce a new piece of legislation regulating prostitution. After the Supreme Court deemed previous prostitution laws unconstitutional, the Conservative government proposed Bill C-36, a bill also known as, “The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act.” Unfortunately, the sex workers the bill is supposed to protect are […]

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The prostitution bill: the right step

Late last year, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down key provisions of this country’s anti-prostitution laws, ruling that these provisions violate constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, and security of person. It has taken the past six months for the federal government to introduce new legislation. Bill C-36, known as the Protection of Communities and […]


Include asexuality in the LGBTQ community

What do T.E. Lawrence, Isaac Newton, Janeane Garofalo, and Emily Brontë have in common? They identify and identified as asexuals. Like these people, I am also asexual. Due to my self-identifying as asexual, I have experienced negative comments ranging from disbelief to amusement. I have also felt like I was not normal, and because of […]


Abstinence is a viable option

Being abstinent in university isn’t just for the people who aren’t so great at sliding their number across the table at the bar. I have chosen (yes, chosen) to not have premarital sex and have enjoyed the benefits associated with my decision. Choosing to make sex a part of marriage as opposed to a casual […]


Gay men: stop the hookup stigma

I speak for all guys when I say we have sex on our minds a lot — like right now (guys, don’t deny it). Naturally, there’s an app for that. Many, in fact. But, like with many online interactions, people are less inhibited than they would be face-to-face, which leads to some pretty nasty situations. […]

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Let’s talk about masturbation

Girls, we are not ashamed to eat our breakfast in the morning because we are hungry, take our morning wee, or go out for a run to work out our bodies, so why is masturbation still such a big deal to talk about? Considering the fact that human sexuality is an inherent part of almost […]

It’s not enough: sexual assault and the university

The amount of sexual violence faced by students at Canadian universities is staggering. Every semester, the average post-secondary institution in this country sees eight different cases of sexual assault in the first eight weeks of classes — that’s one instance every week, per school. Canadian women aged 15 to 24 are by far the most […]

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The naked truth

When you look in the mirror, do you see a positive or negative image of yourself? The body is beautiful and amazing because it comes in all shapes, colours, and sizes. We are all built differently but many of us forget about that fact. We persistently suffer from the lack of perfection because we constantly […]


Risky trades pay off

At the trade deadline, both Stanley Cup finalists made what appeared to be questionable trades. Now, with both the LA Kings and the New York Rangers competing for the cup, those deals aren’t looking too bad. Let’s start with the Kings. They traded Matt Frattin, a prospect who saw fourth line minutes, a second round […]


School girls shouldn’t be taught shame

As summer sun soars on, girls across the country find comfort in tank tops and spaghetti straps.  However, many of these young women are being punished at school for violating dress codes. It looks like such rules are a way to perpetuate systemic sexism, for both males and females. Recently, at Labrador City’s Menihek High […]

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Demand better Facebook working conditions

While I believe that Facebook and the Internet as a whole have improved many aspects of our lives, I also think that there is much room for improvement. A social network is just like politics: people tend not to pay much attention to what it is, or how it is changing, yet it would be […]

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