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Costumes can express important social messages

This year has been a delight for political junkies (which seems to be everyone, nowadays) and late-night comedians. Our southern neighbours have done an outstanding job for more than a year now, providing us quotidian comic relief as we witness, in real time, the slow and painful decay of American democracy in the span of […]


Take your participation marks and stuff them

I hate participation marks. There, I said it. I hate them, and they don’t just waste my time; they waste everyone else’s, too. They’re quite possibly the most pointless marks you can get in a class. Yet as I’ve progressed through university, they’ve just become a bigger portion of your overall mark. I’ve never felt […]

SFU Clan should pick a new name

As one of Canada’s most prominent universities, you might expect that Simon Fraser University would strive towards a standard of diversity and acceptance that matches the reputation it puts forward in every sphere of student life. Saying that, it is time for our school to look into picking a new name for its sports teams. […]


Don’t feed the killer clowns with your attention

There’s no shortage of historical examples of people behaving irrationally and cruelly — shall we say, monstrously — when they feel that behaviour will get them attention. In fact, monsters are precisely what are spawning at playgrounds across the world in the form of killer clowns. No, it isn’t just Halloween arriving early. Reports of […]


Don’t shame artists for the liberties they take

In case you missed it, Demi Lovato recently made tabloid headlines for her comments regarding a piece of fan art by self-taught Romanian artist Vladimir Serbanescu. The drawing in question depicts Lovato in a pose similar to the one she sports on her “Body Say” cover art, only this time reimagined as a mermaid. Serbanescu […]


Don’t put yourself on a pedestal because you’re not religious

It’s a nice Saturday morning: the weather’s good, you’re up to date with your coursework, and the bills are paid. Yet, there’s something nagging at the back of your mind. A cup of coffee in hand, you sit by your laptop and open your exhibitionist social media platform of choice. That nagging feeling remains, getting […]


Playboy’s making positive strides by including a hijab-wearing woman

Playboy is infamous for making waves. The most current incident that comes to mind is the magazine’s decision to remove nude photos. But now, Playboy is once again receiving attention for featuring a model wearing a hijab. Noor Tagouri, a Muslim American journalist, will be featured in the magazine’s October issue. Tagouri is the first […]


Vaping doesn’t have to mean giving up your identity

Vaping is getting more and more popular in Canada. People think of vaping as a way for smokers to wean themselves off of nicotine. This works well — a little too well, in fact. A troubling number of people who use vapes use them recreationally, to the point where there’s now a “vape” subculture. As […]

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