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The world isn’t ready for an Orwellian worklife

Maybe it’s a good thing I’m currently unemployed, or else I might have my bosses monitor me while I’m writing this article. That is probably a tad hyperbolic, but it might not be within a few years, depending on companies who are pioneering 24-hour employee monitoring. As first reported by CBC in May, businesses like […]

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Sadly, airports do not recognize gender sensitivity

Last week, an issue was hastily slathered onto the news involving a trans woman’s troubles while she — Shadi Petosky — went through security at an airport in Florida. As she made her way through the full body scanner, labelled as ‘female’ by the electronic system, security afterward took her aside to gruffly explain that […]

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Get real, Getty Images

The fruits of creative labour are among the most zealously guarded; who enjoys having the things they’ve poured their souls into stolen? In the information age, where intellectual property often takes on an easily-filched digital form, it’s understandable that conflicts over it are prone to escalation. However, a rather unassuming portion of the digital dimension […]

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How to cure Duck Syndrome before you drown

When most of us join university, we are laden with immense pressure from society, including our family, friends, the economy, and even ourselves, with expectations of whom we ought to become. As capitalism would have it, these expectations tend to be charged with ideas of coming out ‘on top.’ So what does a ‘good’ student […]

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Challenging your anxieties

What can be more frustrating than realizing your whole life has been caged by a compilation of fears? As an anxiety-ridden human being, close friends and relatives have always known me for my ‘scaredy cat’ tendencies. I construct myself out of fear; frightening ‘what-if’ scenarios are on my mind’s most-played list. Although I told myself […]

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Inking the work industry

Recent reports show that an estimated one in five Americans, as well as Brits, have tattoos. Although these numbers have increased from previous years, the attitude towards tattooed people seems to have remained the same. According to a Harris poll, one quarter of American, non-tattooed respondents believe people with tattoos are “less intelligent” or “less […]

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My one and only failed Tinder date

Earlier this summer I had my first and only Tinder experience. After swiping left and right for days, and having boring conversations with countless people, I eventually matched with him.  Age? 27. Name? We’ll call him “unicycle-guy” for this story. Appearance? His picture displayed him holding a pineapple next to his face with his blonde […]

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Woohoo, Boohoo, Eh?

Woohoo: Maple Syrup If there is any link that branches our cruel, unforgiving world with that of the divine, it is sweet Canadian maple trees. Need proof? Well firstly, maple syrup literally goes with everything. Baked yams? Yes. Oatmeal? Obviously. On ice cream? Duh. As a salad dressing? Of course. There isn’t anything maple syrup […]

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Why I’m voting ‘no’ to Build SFU

In 1965, SFU opened its doors for the first time and filled its lecture halls. Since then, the school has developed a reputation as being one of the leading comprehensive universities — notable politicians, artists, athletes, and researchers alike call this school their alma mater. But SFU’s success has had its downsides. Unlike other universities […]

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