Zuckerberg wants his dollars!

It seems I’m not the only one who feels that Facebook’s recent purchase of the virtual reality gaming technology Oculus VR was the wrong way to go. As I scroll down the Oculus blog page, I’m delighted to read such enthralling public comments as, “I feel like canceling my pre-order,” “No longer interested in Oculus,” […]

Harper: the new leader of the free world

Since the dawn of the Cold War, the President of the United States has been colloquially referred to as the “Leader of the Free World,” a title that the rest of the free world has generally accepted because of America’s powerhouse status. The ongoing Ukrainian crisis has started to show that a new leader may […]

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Erotica, eh?

Last month, the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued several warnings to Toronto-based adult television channels AOV Adult Movie Channel, XXX Action Clips, and Maleflixxx, as they were failing to meet the required 35 per cent Canadian content threshold. This apparent non-compliance may mean suspension or loss of license for these three adult TV […]

bill SB 1062 celebration

Social Conservatism is a sham

When the anti-LGBTQ legislation American Republicans championed in Arizona and Kansas, bill SB 1062, was rightfully rescinded, they quickly went on the offence. Bereft of allies due to their self-righteous “us against the world” mentality, these conservative thinkers lashed out against the Obama administration and social Liberals who they perceive as equally fascistic and morally […]

Stop Putin now

Shortly after the Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia, Russian military forces invaded the small peninsula of Crimea, a southern region of the Ukraine, without any authorization or impetus beyond sheer hubris and opportunism. Since the Olympics, the spotlight directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin has grown much brighter on the international stage. He helped […]

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Keep the Fraser Surrey Docks coal-free

Recently, Port Metro Vancouver purposed opening a coal terminal at the Fraser Surrey Docks. Since then, concerned citizens from all over the lower mainland have joined to raise awareness of the potential hazards linked to this project. Their cautions are justified: as it stands, the threat of immediate and long-term pollution from the project is […]

No coalition, no government

Fellow Conservatives, rejoice! Justin Trudeau has handed the Conservative Party another key to victory. And no, I’m not talking about his ill-timed joke about the situation developing between Russia and Ukraine. I’m talking about his unwillingness to join with Tom Mulcair and the NDP to run as a united party in the next election. If […]

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Change starts with you

Loretta Saunders was a 26-year old Inuk woman. She was a criminology major brave enough to work on a thesis about missing and murdered Aboriginal women. She was a daughter, and a soon-to-be mother. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a radiant smile. She was recently killed in New Brunswick, and found on the […]

Woohoo, boohoo

Woohoo: Jimmy Fallon Now, I’ve given Fallon his fair share of flack over the years. As Tracy Morgan once famously complained, he pretty much ruined every SNL sketch he was in by laughing uncontrollably at every joke. The only difference now is that giggle fits and character breaks actually make for entertaining late night talk […]

Shaming Belle Knox: a societal low point

A guy finds out a college peer is a porn star. He tells his fraternity; the news goes viral. Within a couple days, the entire campus knows; a month later, multiple newspaper articles, some national, about her have cropped up. The young woman’s life is changed. She’s glared at and talked about. She’s no longer […]

False start

Bright eyed, bushy tailed, and more excited than ever, I entered into my first semester at SFU last fall. “You’ll just be a number to them,” I was told about transitioning to university. But that seemed fair because, to me, “they” represented an elusive and faceless entity. I was eager to begin my post-secondary career, […]


Lean times as opportunity for reform in Venezuela

For 14 years, Hugo Chavez drove Venezuela down the path towards “Bolivarian Revolution” which sought to retract the country from the neoliberal mould that American influence had long pressured Latin America into accepting. Robust additions to welfare programs, price controls, and foreign aid to socialist neighbours were made in order to achieve these ideals. And, […]

Social media lie detector

All of you uninformed Facebook-gossipers will soon have to critically think about what you spread online! Researchers from the University of Sheffield are currently developing a social media lie-detector to separate fact from fiction on various social websites. Pheme technology examines a source’s reliability by seeking corroborating information and by tracking the evolution of online […]

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