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Doctors require the right to refuse treatment based on beliefs

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is currently reviewing its policy which accords doctors the right to refuse to treat a patient based on religious or moral grounds in non-life threatening situations. While at first I was in favour of this re-evaluation, I have since come to realize that this situation is […]

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Israel/Palestine: one state solution

It is easy to label the erupting crisis in the Israel-Palestine corridor as a meaningless tragedy; in many ways, this is correct. What began as a small Israeli incursion into the West Bank to rescue three Jewish teenagers from a suspected kidnapping by Palestinian radicals has quickly escalated. Palestine’s influential Hamas faction has sought vengeance […]

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Religious, irreligious, whatever

I suppose I am what we call irreligious, or perhaps a humanist, maybe even an atheist. I bring this up now to stress that I do not know whether my beliefs can be categorized, and also to make a point: it is easy to get lost in the semantics of religious debate, but we need […]

It’s not enough: sexual assault and the university

The amount of sexual violence faced by students at Canadian universities is staggering. Every semester, the average post-secondary institution in this country sees eight different cases of sexual assault in the first eight weeks of classes — that’s one instance every week, per school. Canadian women aged 15 to 24 are by far the most […]

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The naked truth

When you look in the mirror, do you see a positive or negative image of yourself? The body is beautiful and amazing because it comes in all shapes, colours, and sizes. We are all built differently but many of us forget about that fact. We persistently suffer from the lack of perfection because we constantly […]


Risky trades pay off

At the trade deadline, both Stanley Cup finalists made what appeared to be questionable trades. Now, with both the LA Kings and the New York Rangers competing for the cup, those deals aren’t looking too bad. Let’s start with the Kings. They traded Matt Frattin, a prospect who saw fourth line minutes, a second round […]


School girls shouldn’t be taught shame

As summer sun soars on, girls across the country find comfort in tank tops and spaghetti straps.  However, many of these young women are being punished at school for violating dress codes. It looks like such rules are a way to perpetuate systemic sexism, for both males and females. Recently, at Labrador City’s Menihek High […]

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Demand better Facebook working conditions

While I believe that Facebook and the Internet as a whole have improved many aspects of our lives, I also think that there is much room for improvement. A social network is just like politics: people tend not to pay much attention to what it is, or how it is changing, yet it would be […]


Hollywood can’t handle feminism

Forewarning: the “F-word” is about to be used numerous times throughout this article. The one rhyming with duck? Not so much. We’re talking about the other “F-word,” feminism. It’s about time people stopped making the usual mistake of assuming feminism means putting women above men. Recently, actress Shailene Woodley of the film Divergent was asked […]

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Google claims the road

Yet another ground-breaking technology is being covered by global news outlets: Google’s new self-driving car. Yes, you read that correctly. Self-driving. For the last week or so, the vehicle has incited both positive and negative speculation. Some analysts have argued that the car will flop due to potential errors in its computer system, while others […]


“Literally” literally means nothing

Woohoo: English mutability The word “mutability” comes from the word “mutation,” and refers to the way things change. When it comes to English, the ability to both absorb other languages and change over time has earned it the reputation of being mutable. English comes from Romanic and Germanic backgrounds. It spits the harsh consonants of […]


Stop and smell the SFU roses

  My personal experience in university, for the most part, was of a place where enthusiasm was infectious, spreading wildly throughout hallways and corridors, providing undergrads with a sense of multiple possibilities for the future. The idea that your degree can take you anywhere is a mantra lived and breathed by many, especially when we […]

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Remembering Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was a woman with the power to impact lives from the tip of her tongue to the turn of her pen. From a young age she was deeply affected by the world around her; Maya had a vision for how the world should be, one that we need to continue to strive toward […]

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