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A perfect death

I like to think that I am an empathetic person; I often put myself in the shoes of others in order to gain a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings. On a few occasions, I have caught myself wondering how I would think and feel if I were to be suddenly diagnosed with a […]


Athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs

“Do drugs! Drugs are good for us!” These statements look bizarre. That’s because the opposite has been enthusiastically drilled into our heads for a long time. We’re averse to the idea that drug use might actually lead to a positive outcome. This sentiment can be seen in how professional athletes are treated after being caught […]


Naturopathic medicine isn’t total crap

Refusing readily available, life-saving medicine for your child is inexcusable. But in the outrage that is rightfully directed towards idolatry of natural remedies, we need to be careful to not throw out the baby with the ginseng, gluten-free bath water. It’s true that ‘natural remedies’ have lost a lot of credibility in the developed world, […]


BC needs a living wage already

We live in one of the most expensive cities in the country, so why is our minimum wage the lowest? British Columbia has been through this before. Unlike in many jurisdictions, our minimum wage has not been linked to inflation or the cost of living. It’s been on a roller-coaster ride from the highest in […]


TAs should be formally taught to teach

We’re all friends here, so we can all agree that a Teaching Assistant (TA) can make or break a course. I’m not suggesting that the university should function without TAs; they provide a crucial service to the school, and a shit-show would ensue if they stopped their work. Classes would become exponentially smaller, particularly the […]


Fuck Donald Trump

In the wise words of rapper YG, “fuck Donald Trump.” As an extremely left-wing liberal American, I am constantly baffled by the actions of the Republican party each election season. This year, however, took everyone by surprise. Not one, but three prominent Republican candidates this time around had zero political experience: Trump, a reality television […]


Drop the pot charges already

Legal marijuana is upon us! Health Minister Jane Philpott announced on April 20 (oh, the irony) that the process of legalizing pot would begin during the spring of 2017. Students, stoners, and probably several of our professors rejoiced. As most Canadians know, the federal government has been promising to legalize marijuana since the beginning of […]

Masculinities are diverse — something many people seem to forget.

Why I take my own side in the men’s rights debate

When did ‘masculinity’ become such a dirty word? I feel as though my own identity as an innocent man has been beaten and bruised by the feud between feminists and men’s rights activists — two vicious children fighting for toys in a sandbox. Now, each time I even utter the word ‘masculine,’ I’m confused by […]

personalized crocs shoes for boys

Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Croc tops The crop top: Honey, I shrunk the T-shirt in the wash and it actually looks pretty cute now. This top is a symbol of freedom, liberating lower abdomens and absolving body complexes everywhere. Check this belly out, baby! White crop tops make me feel like an elven queen wandering through the forests […]

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