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Government regulations are great, because some people are awful

This is in response to the previously published article “Canada, stop nannying your people.”   The world is in a rocky place right now. We have a bloody war being fought in the Middle East, rapidly spreading viral outbreaks, and a cartoonishly expensive housing market. No, I’m not even going to touch what’s happening in […]

McDonald’s lovin’ nuts is a big mistake

When I was four years old, I bit into half of a cashew and had to be immediately rushed to the hospital. For those like me with anaphylactic allergies, coming into contact with an allergen is a serious matter. In about 20 minutes, I can go into complete cardiac arrest without proper help. McDonald’s is […]

The flaws in the sexual misconduct draft policy

I don’t think anyone can argue that SFU forming a Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education, and Support Policy is a bad thing. However, the draft that recently went public undoubtedly needs work. While the town hall consultations have raised a lot more questions than answers, the solutions are a lot simpler than you might […]

Taxis need to stop suing and stop sucking

If there’s one big threat to a status quo, it’s the rise of competition that you can’t just sweep under the rug. When people see the holes in the way things are being run, it’s pretty much a given that somebody’s going to come out of the woodwork to try and take you down. Prime […]

Keeping my screens and gadgets out of my bed

I love my phone, that cracked screen beckoning to me with its little blinking LED. I used to be on my phone so much around my friends that they decided it needed a name: Winston. Social media, news, and YouTube all had a big space in my day — big enough that I was definitely […]

The problem with boys who only kiss boys to get laughs

The Golden Globes clip I played on repeat was Meryl Streep’s lethal political takedown; the one I avoided was the infamous kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds. Bless the fangirls and their rekindled hopes for a Spiderman/Deadpool rom-com, but personally, I cringed, remembering my first time at a bar.   I’d just graduated and […]

I know my rights, and I’ll never take off my hijab

To the bully who targeted me for my hijab: you must’ve been so happy to make me afraid like never before. You took my innocence, and my excitement at enrolling in university. It was a struggle to gather myself and get back to who I am: a strong, fearless woman. “Go back to where you […]

Canada, stop nannying your people

For many people, university is a freeing experience. You might be living on your own, or living your life with a greater degree of freedom than you had in high school. You’re staying out late, drinking on Wednesdays, and skipping classes because of the previous two things. Yes, your parents may not have as much […]

Let’s Talk about the corporatization of mental health

Mental health in the media is never messy. Portrayed sufferers tend to be bored white people who spend their time indoors with the lights off, until they find the perfect medication for them. Then it’s all bike rides, swingsets, and walks on the beach. Symptoms are clean and treatment is simple: all it takes is […]

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