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Would an emoji by any other name sound as sweet?

It’s that glorious time of the year when the ‘best of’ lists begin, and (insert generic noun here) of the year are announced. As a lover of year-end lists created by groups of people arbitrarily deciding what singular thing best captures a year, I can’t help but feel as though Christmas has come early. So […]

Web-Eiffel Tower-Adam Madojemu

Facebook values Western lives over Middle Eastern ones

In light of the Beirut and Paris tragedies that occurred November 12, there has been, to say the least, a media frenzy. Millions of Facebook users have overlayed their profile picture with a French flag — an option that Facebook not only makes available, but automatically suggests when you log on. Facebook also implemented its […]

CMYK-WQB-Lisa Dimyadi

WQB requirements are pointless

WQB — writing, quantitative, breadth. Since I began at SFU in 2012, I have spent way too much time investing, financially and otherwise, in classes that have had nothing to do with my degree, my interests, or my academic skill. These classes are supposed to make for ‘well-rounded’ students, but I’m not convinced that thet […]

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Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Christmas Eve Put aside the capitalist layer of gobbledygook that  often overshadows Christmas and admire what the penultimate hours of the Noël blitz really stands for: sharing a moment with loved ones and getting some much-needed time with the family. At the end of the day, it’s all that really matters. It’s about slowing […]

FREEtheNIPPLE! janis mcmath

Free the nipple on social media

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, it’s more than likely you’ve come across the #FreeTheNipple movement. Lesser known is the #DoIHaveBoobsNow campaign, which challenges how trans bodies fit into the world of social media censorship. Facebook currently only allows images of chests they presume to be male to be displayed. Breasts, specifically nipples, […]

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Save your holiday cheer for the last month of the year

Walking to my neighbourhood Starbucks, I’m surrounded by elaborate light shows on either side of the street. The community seems to be engaged in a fashion showdown. “Jeff, you got Christmas lights on your garage? Well, I’ve got mine on my roof. Plus they’re LED.” “Mitch, please, you’re just trying to overcompensate for your lack […]

Web-Mens Centre-Lisa Dimyadi

SFU isn’t ready for a Men’s Centre

When talking about the Women’s Centre on campus, it’s not uncommon to immediately hear the sarcastic question of “well, where’s the Men’s Centre?” The idea of a Men’s Centre on University campuses is one embroiled in years of debate. It is common for universities to offer to make resources available for the entire student body, […]

WEB-OpED-Lisa Dimyadi

Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Natural Selection Ahh, natural selection — not just that unit of biology you slept through during high school, but so much more! I know it sounds like a boring nature-centric Songza playlist you’d hear at a shoddily-run YMCA yoga course, but really it’s the reason we live on such a diversely radiant planet filled […]

Secular Starbucks cup controversy is baloney

The temperature might be dropping more quickly than the newest mixtape, but spirits are rising: The holiday season is upon us, and every shop worth their salt is already making changes to suit the soon-to-be festive air. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping people from getting a little salty over changes that offend their sensibilities. Recently, Starbucks […]

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