Anti-Christian bigotry is misguided

Trinity Western University is once again in the news, and for once, they’re not under attack. A graduate from the university was recently denied a job on the basis of her faith. While the organization, Amaruk Wilderness Corp., claims that the student’s application was denied because she failed to meet the minimum requirements for the […]


Homelessness does not have a quick-fix solution

Just this week, a BC Supreme Court judge granted the City of Vancouver an injunction to evict all people living in the recently erected tent city at Oppenheimer Park, in the Downtown Eastside. This legal battle is a decent indicator of everything that it is wrong with how our society advocates for the rights of […]


Restaurants should incorporate a ‘no tip’ policy

Our society accepts the restaurant industry’s hyper-sexualized, customer-driven culture as normal. Many customers feel highly entitled and inherently deserving of impeccable service, regardless of their behaviour toward restaurant staff catering to their every whim. Unfortunately, this entitlement often turns into verbal and sexual harassment. According to a report from the New York Observer regarding sexual […]


Canadians need an alliance between the Liberals and the NDP

Politics are a complicated topic for millennials. In Canada’s 2011 federal election, according to Elections Canada, only roughly 39 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 24 voted. We live in an age where equality, acceptance, and inclusivity are part of the ideological forefront for young, upcoming voters. These are all statistics […]


Don’t board the ‘hate train’

Fads occur when an item of popular culture, be it online or in real life, becomes inexplicably popular for a short period of time. For instance, I can still remember when everyone seemed to obsess over Poke- mon, Yu-gi-oh, and Beyblade. Some more recent fads include Angry Birds, Duck Dynasty, and Game of Thrones. Interestingly, […]


Pet owners should consider the raw food diet

Dog and cat owners want what is best for their pets. From exercise to toys and collars, we will do anything to keep our pets healthy and happy. The most important factor for a healthy pet is their diet. In this vein, a new trend is on the rise surrounding what food is best to […]

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Marijuana should not be legalized

Talks regarding the decriminalization of marijuana have been around for many years, but only became mainstream in 2000 with the founding of the Marijuana Party of Canada. For the majority of that time, many believed that a change in the drug’s status was a mere pipe dream suited to a fringe group that would never […]

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Men need to get on board with male contraceptives

In a publicly issued release, the Parsemus Foundation declared that male birth control will be widely available by 2017. Parsemus is an organization that currently possesses US property rights for Vasalgel, the trade name for “reversible inhibition of sperm under guidanc” (RISUG). RISUG is a procedure involving the injection of a synthetic polymer into the […]

Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: She birthed you, fed you, and changed you. Most of all, she loved you unconditionally, even when you acted like a holy terror. Even when you came home at 2:00 a.m. with branches in your hair and no pants on. Even when you set the cat on fire. You may have one, two, or […]

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Intelligences are limitless

We live in a society obsessed with the elite. Whether it’s athletes, musicians, or painters, we look upon them with awe, and wonder how it would feel to break the shackles of being average. When it comes to intelligence, this obsession is ever the case, especially in university. We are thrown into an environment where […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, Re: TA-dating article unfairly persecuted In Adam Bielka’s op-ed “TA-dating article unfairly persecuted,” the author unfairly persecuted what was, in my opinion, a fair and justified response to a senseless article. I believe that Mr. Bielka repeats some of the naïve assumptions made by the writer he is defending, Robert Nanni. I also […]

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Nail polish is not the answer

Four undergrad students from North Carolina State University recently came forward with a nail polish that changes colours when exposed to date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB, thus enabling the wearer to dip a finger into a drink and test it for safety. Many were quite impressed. The feminist reaction, on the […]


Auld alliance for a new era

Barely three days after you read this, the map of Europe could once again change. On September 18, a referendum will take place in Scotland asking a single question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” If a successful ‘yes’ vote is passed, the nation that currently forms an integral part of the United Kingdom will […]

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