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“Hate” is just a word for those who disagree with you

Growing up during the turn of one century and the beginning of another, it’s been pretty amazing to see how we’ve progressed in the fight for equal rights. I was a 10-year-old when same-sex marriage became legal, and in social studies class we learned about the plight and freedom of slaves in America, which impacted […]

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It’s so easy to forget

I’m going to take a moment to be a hypocrite and try to tell you how to do something that I’m really bad at: recalling names, facts, details, and other important stuff necessary to having your life together. I once had a teacher who on the first day of class would look each of her […]

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Children need more than an app to learn about sex

A new app called “Clementine Wants to Know” is being marketed towards parents as an aid to help teach their children about sex. At first, this seems like a great idea. The sooner kids know about sex the sooner the stigma surrounding open conversations about sex will be over. Win-win for everyone, right? I don’t […]

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The importance of self-care

As I have a few more days off than I normally would this summer, I’ve been trying to keep every week busy. On one hand, it has been great to reconnect with friends and volunteer, but on the other, it has also been easy to overcommit myself and end up feeling emotionally and physically exhausted […]

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SFU Women’s Centre’s self-defence classes will have to suffice

The word “self-defence” usually evokes images of karate chopping ninjas or intense fight scenes (or maybe I just watch too many action movies). But the sad reality is that self-defence must sometimes be used in the midst of dangerous situations — one in particular being sexual assault. The SFU Women’s Centre will be offering four […]

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Boohoo, Woohoo

Boohoo: Father Time Father Time, old sport, you need to get off your wrinkly old buttocks and back in the game. You’re the living embodiment of time but you look like you haven’t left the house in centuries. You have Cheetos stains all over your robe and you‘ve developed an unhealthy obsession with The Price […]

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Tea may be bland, but it’s an experience

As a constant tea drinker and advocate, I know why I drink tea. I even joined the Tea Club here at SFU in order to share this love of tea with people who love it as much as I do. However, if you were to tell me that tea is just water flavoured with a […]

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We need a gender mainstreamed Canada

Many places in the United States and Europe are choosing to forego ancient gender norms by practicing what’s being called “gender mainstreaming.” This is a term established by the UN in 1995 as a global strategy to support gender equality. Though it has gained momentum over the last 20 years, we still have a long […]

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Overheard at SFU

Student in hall: “He tries to make funny dad jokes, and they’re funny dad jokes that aren’t funny.” __________________ Student in class: “Elmo was injured by falling debris.” __________________ Student in class: “Bill was living out of the trunk of his car for 2 years.” __________________ Student in hall: “I didn’t know the first Mad […]

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