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Take some Ls in your blame game with your prof

Success is a touchy subject, and this is only compounded when your gambles for success cost a few thousand dollars per year, followed by gross investments of time. It’s only natural for perceived obstacles to frustrate you — and when it comes to your less-successful courses at SFU, sometimes those obstacles appear to be the […]


Cross-Canada Justin is a chance to get your voice across

Our beloved, photogenic prime minister (PM) recently cancelled plans to attend the Davos summit in Switzerland, in order to spend more time on his tour of Canada to hang out with us average Canadians instead. Critics such as Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press ask whether or not this campaign-style tour is for the right […]

This year, I'm ready to keep swimming and embrace my time here at SFU.

Breaking news on breaking your bad habits

I’m a big-city girl who came to an even bigger city to study abroad at SFU. Looking back at my freshman days, I realize that a lot has occurred and a lot has changed; those things have shaped me far more than anyone could’ve predicted. Stereotypical hurdles like the freshman fifteen might’ve been a myth […]

Don't feel the need to drastically remodel yourself just because the calendar has changed.

New year, new me(aningless promises)

The relationship between time and us here at SFU is gorgeously complex. We beg for more of it, demand the impossible from it, and curse the concept of it. Making deadlines, outings, and self-care fit together is like assembling a puzzle with no clue how the final product should look. It feels nice, then, to […]

The internet should be as free as the wilderness.

Stronger Internet needs to come with stronger policies

Going home for the holidays is always a welcome escape from school and the everyday hustle and bustle of life. However, ‘back home’ for me is the boonies, the sticks, the country. While the slower pace is nice, I always get a little more slow than I bargain for. Slow Internet, that is. Sometimes, it’s […]

Neon Genesis Evangelion is great, and don't try and shame for liking it.

How to deal with people ragging on your passions: don’t

Did you know that your hobbies and interests are subject to review by a jury of Reddit users with ugly neckbeards, elderly people with control issues, coworkers who think the whole world is a high school, and countless others? No? Good, because they aren’t, and you’re allowed to like whatever you like. Unfortunately, a lot […]


Dick pics don’t make for a good first impression

Recently, I made a short-lived decision to give the dating apps another go. I’d forgotten about one of the big things that drove me away last time: dick pics as a greeting. I’d like to say this is a “gay guy thing,” except I hear from friends on other apps that it’s not an exclusive […]


Early holiday celebrations kill my vibe

I believe you when you say you love Christmas. You love the lights on the trees, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and Starbucks starting to smell like eggnog. Even as the temperatures drop, you feel warmer on the inside knowing that another year is ending. December becomes a stress-buster when you […]


Why I love being in a sorority

I am a sorority girl. I bet when most people read that sentence, they think I go out and party a lot, or that I spend all my time making girls’ lives miserable to pressure them into being a part of my organization. This is how movies depict sorority life, and they couldn’t be more […]


Making a Murderer evens the score on a rigged justice system

In 2007, Brendan Dassey was sentenced to life in prison. His case garnered renewed public attention a decade later, due to the Netflix series Making a Murderer. State investigators interrogated the then-minor without a lawyer present, and falsely offered him leniency for a confession. The misconduct revealed by the show led a US magistrate to […]

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