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openloveletter - janis

A love letter to those with mental illness

Hey there. My name is Max, and if you’re reading this then I love you. For years, I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. This past month, that struggle has become the defining factor of my life. My doctor calls it a relapse. I call it a marathon. Initially I had misgivings about writing this down […]

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Why I’m not “pretty for a black girl”

No, this isn’t an article for me to vent all my outrage and disappointment at the way black women are depicted by our society — although that would be one heck of an article (maybe I’ll save it for next time). I’d simply like to raise awareness of a certain topic that takes up only […]


SFU doesn’t offer enough healthy choices for low- income students

Although the suggested number of daily servings for fruits and vegetables varies by sex, age, and physical activity, many dieticians and nutritionists recommend that, in general, five to nine or more servings per day is essential for good health. Eating enough produce has been linked to a lowered risk of chronic disease, a lowered risk […]


SFU and ResLife have failed women on campus

Provided you don’t live under a rock, you have most likely heard of the three rape allegations against one male SFU student that have recently come to light. According to news reports, the alleged rapist was permitted to live on Residence through the Fall and Spring semesters alongside his victims. Two of said victims have […]


Stop labelling critical thinkers ‘Islamophobic’

Islamophobia: a word often used by prominent politicians, scholars, journalists, and within social justice circles. However, this term has sadly and quickly become a means of censorship. Before everyone grabs their pitchforks, I am in no way suggesting that bigotry against Muslims is non-existent. If Donald Trump’s popularity and his plan to ban Muslims from […]

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POINT / COUNTERPOINT: Should SFU’s English department focus less on white male authors?

Yes, English requirements should shift to focus on more diverse literature. By Emily Seitz, SFU Student On June 1, Alison Flood published an article in The Guardian exploring a petition put forth by undergraduate students at Yale University. The petition calls for an end to the English department’s course requirement of canonical white male authors […]


Catholics, it’s not a big deal to show your body

I do not resent my parents for raising me Catholic. I’m sure you have all heard of the popular stereotype that the ‘religious ones are the craziest because they are oppressed.’ I’m also sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘I’m waiting until marriage,’ quickly followed by the phrase, ‘yeah, right.’ Being someone who’s attended Sunday School […]

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