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Why going braless is flawless

I hate bras. I have never been the type to buy cute, lacy, sexy, appliqué-smothered boob prisons. All my bras are black, plain, and push-up, because up until this point, society has told me that I need big, perky breasts to be attractive. I am unfortunately a member of the itty-bitty titty committee, and have […]


Give male birth control a shot

Acne unapologetically blooms across your skin. Your mood shifts rapidly and unpredictably. Your libido is up or down like a rollercoaster, and whether you realize it or not, you might be sinking fast into depression. If you read this and thought, “How terrible and unreal,” because you’ve never experienced any of this yourself, then I’m […]


Movember is still a viable movement

As we draw closer to Movember, get ready to hear from many that because moustaches no longer equal a mandatory accumulation in research funds, there’s no point to growing them.   Despite this claim neglecting the fact that Movember has raised over $446 million since 2003, this month is about more than sponsorships for facial […]


The year Pandora’s box exploded

Kylie Jenner eloquently stated at the beginning of the year that 2016 was the year for “realizing things.” I wonder if she could see the disasters developing before us. Among the many ruthless acts of terrorism all throughout the world, it seems the realities of the Pandora’s box have poured over the West. June 12: […]


Canadians, the Trump travesty isn’t a joke

Six months ago in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at our community centre. Protesters turned out from all over the state, bringing posters, banners, noisemakers, and solidarity. I went alone to the rally, a little nervous and shy, unsure of how the Eugene Police Department would react to the protest. […]


Remembering Canadian soldiers from abroad

“To the valour of their countrymen in the great war and in memory of their sixty thousand dead this monument is raised by the people of Canada.” That is what I read while standing on the plain green fields of Vimy Ridge in the north of France, knees shaking from the 2C weather, and teary-eyed […]


Vine’s vanishing . . . and?

Who knew only six seconds could bring people so much entertainment? As you might already know, in 2013, an app called Vine launched. It became a video platform for people to share funny moments, spread their talent, and do much more through six-second clips. Whether it was Gavin and his Uncle #cute, people’s tragic falls […]

Amu Schumer

Amy Schumer, “Formation” isn’t for you

I remember the night Beyoncé decided to bless us with “Formation.” I was on exchange in England, chatting with a friend on Skype, when I had to stop what I was doing and take it all in. The song was fire, but this was Beyoncé; I expected nothing less. What I found really powerful were […]


Why I’m voting for Larissa Chen for President

The byelection is a waste of money, time, and sleep for all involved. But it’s happening, which means we need an option that won’t generate even worse problems. Between born-again candidate Deepak Sharma; Darien Lechner coming in like a wrecking ball on Build SFU; and interim president Larissa Chen, the gal who’s worn authority for […]

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