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Women shouldn’t be shamed for breastfeeding in public

Let’s talk about breasts. Earlier this month, a Vancouver woman, Kristen Hilderman, was shamed by a flight attendant for breastfeeding on the plane without a cover. A similar event took place in a Manitoban mall only days before. While feeding her child, Tara Léger was asked to move into a washroom, despite the fact that […]

I’m tired of safe, low-budget Canadian programming

TV’s golden age is upon us. The small screen has become a more incisive storytelling medium than ever before. Just ask Walter White, Don Draper, or Frank Underwood. Finally, creators are using the multiple-episode structure to their advantage, delving deeper into character arcs, constructing complex story lines, and providing a highly satisfying and distinct viewing […]

Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Sugar in your coffee I’ve been drinking my coffee black since the beginning of last summer. It was a tough habit to get into! Straight, black coffee can be painfully bitter, though once I acquired a taste for the drink, I’ll say that waking up to a fresh-pressed pot of black-gold is absolutely terrific. […]

White women can’t speak to all sectors of feminism

It is often highly contentious when  one voice tries to represent oppressed people from all areas of life. Feminism is no exception. Earlier this year, Boyhood actress Patricia Arquette received major backlash for her Oscar acceptance speech. In an attempt to clarify what her speech meant, Arquette added backstage that it was time for gay […]

SFU’s fitness centre should definitely keeps its women-only hours

Last week’s The Peak article “SFU’s fitness centre should remove its women-only hours” ignores the many reasons that the women-only hours are necessary in gyms. The article argues for gender equality, which is a noble aspiration: it would be great if our society recognized men and women as completely equal, and they were expected to […]

Stop — collaborate and listen

Some people have trouble speaking up and voicing their opinion in a work environment. I get it — it’s awkward to have to share your own personal views, especially when it means criticizing a colleague and friend. At The Peak, we’re a pretty tight-knit group, which often makes it harder to switch into “work mode” […]

Debunked: Five commons arguments against online dating

Last Friday my coworkers and I discussed our opinions toward all those dating applications out there: Tinder, Match, E-Harmony, OkCupid, Plentyoffish, Grindr, and the like. Being open-minded, 20-something-year-olds, I was surprised at the amount of hesitation some of them had towards online dating. As such, I want to present my coworkers’ common arguments against online […]

Woohoo, Boohoo

Woohoo: Being a bachelor Being single in university, it’s hard not to feel a little lonely sometimes — especially with that couple in front of you sucking face during lecture. But before you chuck that watered-down Starbucks latte at their heads, just stop and think about all the great things there are about being single. […]

Support affordable student and family housing at SFU

I used to live in SFU’s residence, and it wasn’t incredible. When I moved my bags into McTaggart-Cowan Hall, it was clear that not much had been maintained during the 30-something years the building has been standing. Walls had cracks, hinges creaked, the bathroom floor tile was discoloured, and the whole building smelled musty with […]

Women deserve an equal opportunity, not an equal outcome

I’ve been labelled my whole life. Every kid gets labelled eventually, and my labels were “smartypants,” “genius,” “math whiz,” and “computer geek.”  I lived, ate, dreamed, and breathed science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Understandably, I found my calling in mechatronics. The one label I was never branded was “just a girl.” Once I eventually […]

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