Editor-in-Chief Job Discription

Purpose: The Editor in Chief’s purpose is to be responsible for The Peak’s overall operations, including staff management and creation of the paper. The EIC takes final responsibility for all content that appears in the final print and online editions of the paper. The EIC is elected by members of the collective. The EIC is held accountable by the Board of Directors.




  • Exerting editorial oversight over all copy for the paper, with the assistance of the Copy Editor
  • Writing copy for The Peak as required
  • Using discretion as to what material is published in The Peak, contacting the Society’s lawyer for legal opinions on any potentially libellous material before it is published
  • Handling official grievances over published content when necessary with assistance from the Copy Editor
  • Overseeing The Peak website, including vetting web comments on articles in coordination with the Copy Editor


  • Maintaining a seat on the hiring committee, and conduct interviews and hiring each semester as well as whenever a position is vacated early
  • Ensuring that incoming editors, EICs, and staff members are proficiently trained in the necessary programs
  • Ensuring that the duties of editors and staff as per individual job descriptions are completed on a week-to-week basis, as well as in the case of an absence
  • Ensuring coverage of the duties of editors and staff in the case of unexpected absences, either personally or finding a competent replacement
  • Enforcing The Peak’s disciplinary policy
  • Attending and conducting weekly pitch/collective and editorial meetings to determine content for the print and online editions of the paper and planning future projects
  • Attending and supervising weekly production days
  • Acting as the paper’s human resources, working to maintain and improve staff relationships and work environment whenever necessary
  • Providing feedback to editors and staff as needed


  • Overseeing the paper’s circulation and distribution, including tracking and reporting pick up numbers in coordination with the Distribution Managers
  • Helping to organize and facilitate weekly writer workshops in conjunction with the Promotions Coordinator, Social Media Manager, and the individual section editor(s), including promoting the event and preparing content
  • Assisting to recruit new contributors in coordination with the Promotions Coordinator and the Copy Editor
  • Working with the Social Media Manager to promote The Peak in anyway needed (promoting events, content, etc.)
  • Advise the board on updates of the Employee Policy Manual, and ensuring that all staff and employees are aware of its content
  • Keeping publically posted office hours at least twice a week during Fall and Spring semesters, and once a week during Summer semester
  • Coordinating and publicly posting the office hours of all staff
  • Establishing a publishing schedule for the coming year in consultation with the Business Manager and collective
  • Giving a weekly report on progress to collective during pitch/collective meetings
  • Maintaining a list of all collective members, Peak associates, and staff writers
  • Performing the duties laid out in the Staff Writer Policy
  • Performing other job related duties as required by the Society

External Relations

  • Acting as a formal representative of the Society at external functions as required
  • Acting as the official delegate of the Society during interactions with any services to which the Society may retain membership (such as ACP) in coordination with the Business Manager



  • Must have previously held a Peak editor position, or comparable experience
  • Must have extensive knowledge of The Peak’s constitution and policies
  • Excellent management and communication skills
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable copyright and libel law
  • Must have excellent writing and editing skills, as well as basic knowledge of design, multimedia, and photography techniques as well as other relevant media (WordPress, social media, etc.)
  • Must be able to deal effectively with Society and University staff, the SFSS and GSS, students, and the general public
  • Must be registered as an active student at Simon Fraser University for the duration of their term, as outlined in the constitution


Other notes

  • This position will be elected on a yearly basis, with the term starting in the Summer and ending in the Spring. If the position is vacated early, a by-election will be held with the elected person filling the position until the next Spring election.
  • Pay is $385 a week during Fall and Spring semesters, and $330 during Summer semester
  • Hours are flexible and will change from week to week, with a minimum of 25 hours per week


NOTE: not meeting the stipend requirements may result in dismissal

or pay reduction.