Editor-in-Chief Policy

  1. Qualifications of the Editor-in-Chief
    1. A candidate for Editor-in-Chief position must meet the qualifications specified in the Editor-in-Chief job description with emphasis on the condition that they must have previously held a Peak editor position, or comparable experience
    2. Examples of comparable experience include, but are not limited to, editors from other university newspapers and employees of The Peak Publication Society
      1. Should a candidate’s comparable experience be called into question by members of the Collective, The Peak Board of Directors will call an emergency meeting and vote on the suitability of the candidate
        1. Concerns about experience should be made as soon as possible following candidate’s presentations
          1. Concerns must be brought to The Board of Directors within the first three (3) days of the voting period
        2. Any and all Collective members may attend this meeting and speak for or against said candidate if they wish
      2. If the candidate receives a majority in their favour, they are eligible to run for the position of Editor-in-Chief
      3. If the candidate does not receive a majority vote in their favour, they are deemed unqualified and will be unable to run
        1. An announcement of a candidate being deemed unqualified will be posted on The Peak Collective Facebook group by the chair of the board
        2. If this decision is reached before ballots go out, the unqualified individual’s name will not appear on the ballot
        3. If this decision is reached after ballots go out, all votes for the unqualified individual will not be counted
  2. Election of the Editor-in-Chief
    1. The Editor-In-Chief shall be a member of the Peak Collective and a current Student, and must not hold any office at any Student Society or any position on any governing body of the University.
    2. Notice of election for the Editor-in-Chief position shall be given by notice in The Peak for at least two (2) full weeks before the election.
    3. The Editor-In-Chief shall be elected in a vote of the Peak Collective held at the end of the Spring semester, conducted by two impartial officers appointed by a vote of the Peak Collective.
      1. The voting period shall be one (1) week following presentations by the candidates
      2. Officers will ensure all Peak Collective members have access to one (1) secret vote
        1. Officers will decide on an anonymous, online voting system with guidance from The Board of Directors
      3. If only one application is received, that applicant must be elected in a Yes/No ratification vote; otherwise, each ballot shall include a “none of the above” option.
    4. The term of office of the Editor-In-Chief shall be one year.
    5. In the case of the death, resignation, or impeachment of the Editor-In-Chief, or if an election is held in which there is no winner, a by-election shall be called under and the winner shall serve until the next regularly scheduled election.
  3. Powers of the Editor-in-Chief
    1. The Editor-In-Chief shall have duties dictated by an Editor-in-Chief Job Description, which shall at a minimum include:
      1. Power to define policy setting the editorial standards of The Peak, subject to the limitations of the Peak Publications Society Code of Ethics and applicable law,
      2. Power to define disciplinary policy and distribute formal warnings to editors,
      3. Responsibility to investigate and respond to complaints and/or grievances and attempt to resolve them to the satisfaction of all parties,
      4. Responsibility to attend meetings of the Board of Directors
  4. In the event that the Editor-in-Chief is subject to disciplinary action, the Editor-in-Chief must recuse themselves from any votes relating to that disciplinary action, and excuse themselves from Board discussions should the Board request it.