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In the game of life, you win or you die.

Study reveals BC degrees pay off for recent grads

The Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia (RUCBC) released a report on October 24 titled Putting Degrees to Work, the findings of which indicate that a university degree from a BC institution has substantial value. The report compiled survey data collected from the province’s class of 2008 two years and five years after receiving their […]

On the field, captain Bayne Bosquet plays an agressive game, and isn't afraid to make the big hits.

Meet the Clan: Bayne Bosquet

Most sports, including lacrosse, are team games; they are not necessarily driven by one individual, but by a group of players working together putting up a cohesive effort. However, on most teams there are leaders, those that push their teammates to work that much harder, and who keep the team focused and ready for the […]

You can follow the site’s construction progress on Howard Trottier’s blog, Starry Nights @ SFU.

Construction begins for Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard

Construction crews have finally broken ground for the Trottier Observatory, a $4.4 million project on SFU’s Burnaby campus dedicated to engaging the community and its youth in science. According to Howard Trottier, an SFU professor of physics whose brother and sister-in-law have provided the funding for the project, the observatory and its surroundings are meant […]

The capacity of Lots B, C and Discovery P3 is 1,950, but 2,300 outdoor permits were sold this fall.

Students struggle to find parking at Burnaby campus

Trying to find a parking space at SFU Burnaby this fall has become a daily struggle for some students, as the most popular parking lots -— Lots B and C — are often filled to capacity by lunch time. Although those with indoor permits have been largely unaffected, students with outdoor parking passes have complained […]

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Travellers seek operations on vacation

A new website created by the SFU Medical Research Group aims to expose the pros and cons of the medical tourism industry by sharing stories of people who have sought health care abroad. The site,, was created by Jeremy Snyder, associate professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, in collaboration with geography professor, Valorie […]


The Underground Sound

What are some of my favourite music venues in Vancouver? I’d love to tell you, but I can’t. If I published their names and gave away enough information so that anyone reading this could find them, they would be shut down within the week. That’s because a lot of my favourite venues aren’t even considered […]

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Something’s fishy at SFU’s reflection pond

Concerns regarding the dumping of unwanted pet fish into Burnaby lakes and ponds has been brought to public attention in a recent article published by Burnaby Now. The article stated that a local pet shop has been misinforming customers, claiming that SFU’s Burnaby campus welcomes any unwanted koi fish in the university’s reflection pond. Recalling […]

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Zero Waste design is garbage

In January 2014, SFU launched its comprehensive Zero Waste program on all campuses as another step to achieve the goal of “diverting 70 per cent of landfill waste into recycling and composting by the end of 2015,” according to the SFU Sustainability Office. The Zero Waste Program was designed to help reduce the amount of […]

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Alumni make space for Surrey entrepreneurs

A team of SFU alumni have launched Surrey’s first co-working space, the Beta Collective, which invites young entrepreneurs out of their basements and coffee shops to work in a professional environment surrounded by their peers. Jason Wong, along with business partners Elvin Cheung and Michael Cheng — all SFU graduates — have launched a unique […]

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How to open your banana

From the bottom is best By Max Hill Today, I’m going to change your life. Yes, you, reading this article on the bus, in a lecture hall, waiting for your food to arrive in the Highland Pub. You know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve been doing something one way your whole life, […]

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