The Peak Publications Society

The Peak Publications Society is a registered non-profit society under the B.C. Societies Act that publishes this web site and the print version of The Peak. We are governed by a Constitution.

The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, which is currently made up of:

  • Courtney Miller, EIC
  • Nathan Ross, Collective Representative
  • Matthew Fong, Collective Representative
  • Jessica Pickering, Employee Representative, Chair of the Board
  • Russell Copley, At-Large Representative
  • Nikki Dumrique, At-Large Representative
  • Maia Odegaard, Secretary of the Board (non-voting)

You can find agendas and minutes from Board meetings here.

You can contact the Board of Directors by emailing

The Board has approved the following policies which may be of interest:

  • Contributor Pay Policy
    This policy outlines who is eligble for pay, how much each piece is worth, and when contributors should invoice.
  • Copyright Policy
    This policy outlines that all contributors retain the copyright to their pieces with some exceptions.
  • Editorial Process Policy
    This outlines how the paper gets made.
  • Staff Writer Policy
    This policy outlines how contributors become staff writers, their benefits, and how to maintain the title.
  • Editor-in-Chief Policy
    This policy outlines the basic qualifications of the EIC and how they will be elected