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Cement the Freedom Square plaque or get rid of it

Last week, thousands of new graduands walked across the Academic Quadrangle to Convocation Mall to receive their degrees from SFU. On their way, they passed through perhaps the most historically significant location at our university, which was made famous as a rally point for the struggle for academic freedom: ‘East Convocation Mall.’ At least, that’s […]

Inspired by Rosa Parks, student with laptop refuses to move to back of lecture hall

An SFU student took a dramatic stand Tuesday afternoon in favour of what she describes as her “inalienable right to make everyone behind her watch her browse Etsy.” Despite being asked several times by her professor to move, in accordance with his rule that students with laptops sit near the back, third year student Madeline […]

Progressive grade-schooler announces fair trade offerings for Fruit Roll-Up

In a historic decision that has been generating buzz all around the playground, second-grade student Billy Stanford has made a pledge to honour only 100 per cent fair trade offers for his strawberry Fruit Roll-up. Although in the past Stanford has been known, around Suncrest Elementary, to partake in far-from-equal exchanges for the snacks his […]

Female Body Inspector forced to go undercover at family dinner, put on a sweater

Despite routinely displaying his role as a trained and trusted FBI: Female Body Inspector, a 13-year old operative is reportedly working undercover at tonight’s dinner — you know, because grandma’s coming. Justin Wilderman, who’s been an FBI for almost three weeks now and has proudly let the world know it by wearing his standard issue […]

Nuclear missile codes leaked in botched nude celebrity photo hack attempt

Inspired by last week’s infamous leaked photos of dozens of Hollywood’s top actresses, a new hack attempt of Google Drive almost caused further damage; fortunately, all that was compromised were the US’ top-secret nuclear launch codes. The unknown Google Drive hacker initially reported on Saturday that he would be selling naked pictures of all sorts […]

God publishes brand new Bible story on his website

Fans of the Bible rejoiced this week after God unexpectedly dropped a new story on his website featuring all their favourite characters revealing what they’ve been up to since “Revelations.” The story, in which everyone from Jesus to Moses and even Judas reunite to watch a leg of the Tour de France in Montpellier, almost […]

Breaking free of the comfort zone

Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t define “a bad opening sentence” but if it did, this would probably be example one. As you can probably already tell, I have no problem breaking the ice with my razor sharp satirical wit in written format. Unfortunately, when it comes to the real world, my ability to initiate conversation is a […]

Hitler had the right idea

Right off the bat, I feel like I should apologize to anyone who I may have offended. It’s not often that I write for any section other than The Peak‘s illustrious and often irreverent humour section, so each semester when I’m called upon to spill my real thoughts in an “Editor’s Voice,” I’m not always […]

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