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By Colleen Berg Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a social vortex? You want to go out some place more interesting than a coffee shop, but you don’t want to be at yet another random club night? Blim may be your answer. It’s a little slice of Calgary-born curator Yuriko Iga’s childhood imagination, […]

What are you waiting for?

By Colleen Berg On the surface, university plays out as the perpetual waiting game. It is the place where the infamous “they” put you until you are deemed old enough to go it on your own. If you’re lucky, you live generally unscathed through the milestones and reach that moment when you are able to […]

upcoming shows: Not quite the average rock stars

By Colleen Berg If you’re lucky, you’ve already tuned into a band that changes the way you think about music. It’s that one that always makes it to your Top Ten list even if you haven’t listened to them in years. Last year marked the introduction of an indie-gone-popular play favourite that finally doesn’t begin […]

music: Fumbling with Woodhands

By Colleen Berg Some of the most hauntingly seductive music on the electronic front is being made right here in Vancouver. If you didn’t catch him at 2004’s New Forms Festival, here’s your chance to get in the know. In person, Dan Werb is a modest, friendly guy-next-door. Behind the scenes, he’s a conductor of […]