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Rom-rants novels

Don’t be so quick to stigmatize an entire literary genre By Denise Wong Photos by Mark Burnham When I told my friends that had purchased a ticket to a Nicholas Sparks book discussion and signing, the reactions ranged from “You like that crap?” to “Who’s Nicholas Sparks again? Oh, him?” But as soon as I […]

Call me maybe: The trouble with telemarketers

By Denise Wong TELEMARKETER CALLING We’ve all gotten unwelcome calls from telemarketers, even cursed them or hung up on them. “About 30 per cent would just hang up [on me],” confirms Dana, who used to work as a telemarketer. “Reading that script over and over all day made you sound like a recording after a […]

Great sex-pectations

What do we expect from romantic relationships, and what influence do movies have? By Denise Wong Photo By Mark Burnham I have a confession to make: The Notebook is not one of my favourite movies. In fact, I probably wouldn’t watch it again of my own free will. I should say, though — before the Rachel […]

Movie review: The Hunger Games

By Denise Wong Yet another addition to the list of big budget disappointments rolling out this year  As one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year, The Hunger Games doesn’t quite exploit its potential. Director Gary Ross was gifted with an all-star cast, including Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence as the tough-as-nails Katniss Everdeen, […]

Ode to a Bennett Library Cubicle

By Denise Wong Oh Cubicle, Thy murky yellow walls enclose me in a monotonous fortress of euphoric productivity. Surrounded by nothingness and books written in French: alas I am free of distractions. Your solitary confinement that bores me to tears: no one to talk to, no where to go — except the washroom. No food […]

A ‘Melo end to Linsanity

By Adam Ovenell-Carter When several players from the New York Knicks went down, a no-name rookie unexpectedly led the Knicks on a 6-1 tear — notably in the absence of ‘star’ player Carmelo Anthony. That rookie, of course, would be Jeremy Lin, and with his compelling underdog story, Lin brought a lot of positive publicity […]

Bruno Mars: not quite the hopeless romantic

By Denise Wong Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records Think twice about making that Bruno Mars cover video for your special someone — here’s what you’d be saying Bruno Mars is the singer-songwriter behind the hit single, “Just the Way You Are”, a sweet song about how his lover is perfect the way she is and […]

Being better: Where did our empathy go?

By Denise Wong In late October, the story of Yue Yue went viral. The surveillance footage from Foshan, China was posted online and depicted two cars that drove over Yue Yue’s tiny body in the marketplace where her parents worked; neither driver did so much as stop to see what they had run over. Eighteen […]