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SFU co-hosts Media Democracy Days

  The event focused on media politics and affecting change By Jennifer Bednard Photos courtesy of Flickr On Nov. 2 and 3, students and community members alike descended on booths and panels in the Vancouver Public Library building as part of Media Democracy Days, an annual event organized by both the SFU communication department and […]

Occupying our thoughts

Perspectives on the movement a year later By Jennifer Bednard Photos by Lindsay Brown With the anniversary of Occupy recently behind us, there has been a lot of discussion about the movement and its place in a larger context, or of the possibility of the movement continuing in the future. What is still unclear to […]

The aesthetics of copyright

Copyright law is changing the way that design aesthetics develop   By Jennifer Bednard Photos by Mark Burnham By now, most people have heard of the landmark decision favouring Apple in a lawsuit against Samsung. Apple claimed that the Korean company had violated copyright in its designs for a whole host of smartphones. Design aspects […]

Legislation is the new negotiation

  By Jennifer Bednard Image By: Wade Kelly (Flickr) Last year, labour minister Lisa Raitt forestalled several attempts at strike action by employees at Air Canada. To do this, she had their jobs reclassified as “essential services,” and thus prevented labour action in the name of public safety. Back in mid-March, the B.C. government acted […]

Apathy towards local governing bodies must stop

By Jennifer Bednard There are a lot of stories about the way that radical politics creep up on an unsuspecting population. The way that, after a series of small concessions, ideas that once would have been considered insane seem reasonable. High school teachers warn us about the possibility of this happening to us. Books and […]

Highland Pub deficit

SFSS owned and operated Highland Pub has been losing student money for years By Jennifer Bednard Photo By Mark Burnham Running a chronic deficit, SFSS Food and Beverage Services continues to soak up hundreds of thousands of dollars of student funds with no solution in sight. It will come as a surprise to few who […]

Referendum questions announced

By Jennifer Bednard On February 29, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) released the list of referendum questions that will be on the ballot for this year’s SFSS elections. Within these referendum questions is the proposal that would fund the proposed student union building at SFU Burnaby. Ali Godson, chief electoral officer of the IEC, explained […]

BASS board of governors instituted

<strong>By <a href=”“>Jennifer Bednard</a></strong>   President addresses concerns that the new structure may be less democratic   Students in the Business Administration Student Society will be seeing some changes to the process of appointing officials to the executive council. As of the special general meeting held on February 2, the BASS executive council will consist […]

SFU joins AUFC

<strong>By <a href=””>Jennifer Bednard</a></strong>   SFU the first British Columbian university to be accepted into the association of thirteen francophone universities In the future, French language education and research at SFU will receive greater support on a national level. As of January 9, Simon Fraser University became an official member of the Association des universités […]