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From the Mind of Sam Gorick

Tia Young - Sam Gorick without text
Image Credits: Tia Young

“Sometimes I like to play with a Yo-Yo so I can know what it’s like to have someone come back to me.”

“You know how Netflix always recommends a show to watch every time you finish watching a program? The other day Netflix recommended I watch ‘my weight.’”

“I have to write my term paper on Star Wars, which answers two of my mother’s questions: ‘How is school going?’ and, ‘Have you met any girls?’”

“The worst show I ever had was on West Hastings right down on Main Street there. I told my jokes and I thought I was spot on, but they just weren’t connecting with the audience, it wasn’t until after when I realized. . . Homeless people don’t get inside jokes.”

“There’s a lot of great bands coming to Vancouver this year, I just got tickets to Flight of the Conchords in June, Weezer in July, I’m really excited. But you know who I would love to see live? My grandma.”