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SFU fails to set lunge world record

Six hundred attending students could not beat record for most simultaneous lunges in one place, requiring 803 people

There were not enough students in Convocation Mall to break the record.
There were not enough students in Convocation Mall to break the record.
Image Credits: Kevin Rey

It proved to be too much of a stretch for SFU to claim a Guinness World Record, but a 50th anniversary event was a fun way to start the week.

In an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most people lunging at one time, the effort fell short by roughly two hundred people. The event organizers are still counting this as a win though.

The event was organized by Team50 a group of student leaders, as part of SFU’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Sponsors ranged from Lululemon Athletica, Sportchek, and SFU’s Spirit Shop.

Participants, who ranged from seniors, students, children, and even four-legged fitness enthusiasts were led through a musical warm up before beginning the one minute of simultaneous lunges. The current record is held by Mercedes College in Perth, Australia with 802 students.

Director of SFU’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations Adam Brayford looked at the silver lining of the day. Said Brayford, “Our goal was to get a lot of people out and take a break from studying, get moving, have some food, and so that’s what we’ve done. People have had fun. So we would’ve been even happier with 803 but we were happy with 600 people coming out to have a good time.”

While 750 people registered online to indicate their attendance the chilly weather on campus may be partly to blame for the drop from expected attendance. “It was a cold, cold, day so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people decided to stay inside where there’s heat,” commented Brayford.