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Board Shorts

Notes from the latest SFSS board of directors meeting

Stadium cancellation

After hearing about the stadium cancellation, over 70 student athletes attended the SFSS board meeting to express their frustration. A letter from Student Athlete Advisory Committee president Olivia Aguiar was read by spokesperson for the group and football player Ante Litre. The letter criticized what Aguiar called the SFSS’s lack of transparency and information given to the SFU Athletics students leading up to their decision to cancel the project. See here for the latest stadium update.

SFSS staff update

Antonio Daling made his final announcement as student organizer for the SFSS. He has served the SFSS for 10 years. Adrienne Marino and Pierre Cassidy will be sharing his duties and office hours, and will become a point of contact for the Fall Kickoff.

SFSS approved support of community consultation to shape a new sexual violence policy

The Women’s Centre, Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group, and the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Union have organized a series of events. These events include discussion of sexual violence policy, sexual violence workshops, and film screenings for the upcoming semester. These talks will take place from September 13–28. The SFSS expressed their support of these events.

SFSS approved a budget up to $4,200 for Fall Kickoff Week

Project leads are also approved for the upcoming Fall Kickoff celebrations: Mudi Bwakura will be project lead, with Blossom Malhan as alternate.

Did you know you can attend SFU Board of Directors meetings? Join the SFSS September 9 at 2:30 p.m. in Forum Chambers for the latest SFSS discussion and news.